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My good reasons to leave France or avoid going there Moretorque
Latest black riots Moretorque
Do you ever feel like the world has turned into the film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? Winston
Just bought, what should I do with it? Yohan
Homeowner disputes jamesbond
Owning real estate in America = Overrated? jamesbond
Trump administration to crack down on censorship by big tech companies jamesbond
Laurel and Hardy jamesbond
Do feminists have any power? jamesbond
The old internet | 1990s - 2000s jamesbond
Are New Age Western Women Any Better? Why won't they date me if we're on the same wavelength? jamesbond
America is done and is sinking jamesbond
How many of you actually Cold Approach girls? jamesbond
Trump calls Antifa a terrorist organisation jamesbond
Ask Winston Q&A: Post questions for Winston here Spencer
Urgent for Wiseton Spencer
Ha ha ha (vip) HappyGuy
Has anyone ever gotten a girlfriend using HA Dating? flowerthief00
5G Reports - New cables, towers, satellites Moretorque
Google censoring conservative, right wing websites (including us?) FastMaster
23 Lessons From The Last Dance - Michael Jordanís Killer Instinct jamesbond
Urban crime Cornfed
Top Healthiest Superfoods and Supplements in the World Winston
How to decrease blacks Winston
Poll: Do you want a live chatroom in the forum? Winston
The Philippines on CoVID19 Lockdown! 30 days. Cannot go! Winston
Tacopacalypse HappyGuy
$480 Ripoff at US Embassy in Manila for Tourist Visa With NO Real Interview Given! Scam Report! Winston
Cool Music Video by Neon Trees called, 'Lessons in Love' E Irizarry R&B Singer
Do Filipina wives lose interest in sex after having kids? MrMan
PAG claims RACE doesn't exist! Do you guys agree? Moretorque
10 Reasons to Move to Another State jamesbond
Close Encounter with Aliens - Steven Greer Explains Contact Methods jamesbond
A Day In The Life Of An Introvert jamesbond
Cool Music Videos From the 1990's jamesbond
The Next Game Changer: The Digital Yuan Taco
Clint Eastwood Turns 90 Years Old Today jamesbond
Why did HA's Google Rankings (SERP) drop and how to bring it back? Cornfed
Rock, don't I look vibrant and alive in these photos in Russia? Winston
Ways to make money with your website Winston
California High Speed Rail is a go Neo
Wildfires in Australia and California for new rail lines? Winston
Quotes from US Presidents & Politicians who warned us that Secret Conspiracies run America Taco
HA posts are being plagiarized by!? Spencer
My 10 reasons to leave America IraqVet2003
Article: The Dark Side Of Early Retirement CannedHam
Other sites/forums that mention us, HA and me Will N. Dowd
Pornstar Alina Li - Where do you find girls like her in China? IraqVet2003
Should we install Facebook/Google logins and registrations in the forum? Winston
Should I sue Winston for defamation and trying to steal/copy my patent-pending technology? Winston
Riots in America are the new way to pick up girls.. and free pass to beat the shit out of losers Winston
Other guys named Winston Wu - Aren't they so interesting and controversial? LOL Winston
Poll: Should PAG/StanfordGuy Be Banned? Winston
Are France and Germany the new USA? Das verlorene Reich
Remember when people used to find this place via that 300 page Dream Connection post? Winston
TV toons HappyGuy
Countries that must be avoided. Taco
Coronavirus from Wuhan, China HappyGuy
What Style Of Fashion Suits You The Most? HappyGuy
Should the forum theme be changed? jamesbond
The OK Karen Meme jamesbond
What are you listening to thread Moretorque
Success story from Brazil! (with pics) MatureDJ
Check out these guys in wheelchairs trying to pick up girls MatureDJ
To the white men chasing Asians - are you concerned your hapa sons will be too ugly even for Asian women? MatureDJ
Forum background music HappyGuy
Has Donald Trump done anything good so far? Has he kept his promises? Winston
Puppycide - police and dogs Winston
Police in action (USA) HappyGuy
Paloaltoguy: Bullshitter or Innovator? Cast your vote! hypermak
Biggest Gazongas - World Record - Huge Tits! HappyGuy
Virtual Reality Sex will be available in 2015 Winston
3D Virtual Reality Sex Winston
Bunny Ranch now charges $1500 and calls it reasonable?! WTF?! HappyGuy
Moderator Bullying on YouTube (But also much of internet websites) Winston
The True Meaning of James 2 Neo
I just checked HA stats against another site... Winston
How is the feminist movement similar to a bowel movement? josephty2
Why are some people always happy? What's their secret? josephty2
Should the forum theme be rotated every few days? Spencer
In America, stalking is a cover-all term for the entire social scene and is worse than terrorism. Yohan
Guest posting is now disabled. Please log in or create an account to post. Thanks. Yohan
Winston scammed $1500 at Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel! gsjackson
The False Prophet Neo
'Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore' Winston
Japan Aiming to Pay 50% of Travel Costs For Tourists Yohan
My reasons for wanting to leave The Netherlands Winston
Poll: Vote on our new forum theme! Winston
Which of the best forum posts should I publish on the HA blog? Winston
Young Earth Creationism - Is the world only 6.000 years old? Winston
We need a View Active Topics page Winston
US immigration - India and China are top two streams of immigrants yick
How to travel Japan on a budget inexpensively (articles) Winston
I've JUST brought the happier abroad DOT ORG domain! Winston
Video walking tours of Pattaya/Bangkok nightlife, go go bars, girls Winston
Would You Get the Covid-19 Vaccine? Winston
TV Shows & Movies that predicted 5G and 2020? HappyGuy
Thailand - Retirement Paradise For Western Men Yohan
Face masks cause cancer by oxygen deprivation? | Corona lockdowns Yohan
Mass Surveilance Tech HappyGuy

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