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PAG claims RACE doesn't exist! Do you guys agree? Moretorque
I've JUST brought the happier abroad DOT ORG domain! HouseMD
The old internet | 1990s - 2000s HouseMD
Should the forum theme be changed? HappyGuy
Should the forum theme be rotated every few days? Winston
Why are some people always happy? What's their secret? Decu
I just checked HA stats against another site... Winston
Anyone still follow Scott Mallon? CannedHam
PAG/Culture Whiz is running Romance Tours? LOL WTF?! Winston
Other sites/forums that mention us, HA and me Winston
My Observations on Taiwan and Taiwanese People - Taboo but Truthful and Deep Winston
Why did HA's Google Rankings (SERP) drop and how to bring it back? Winston
Pacific Ocean Asia is back on YouTube Ogie
White guy hates how he is treated in Japan Winston
Should we install Facebook/Google logins and registrations in the forum? Winston
"Christian" Pastor Admits To Sexually Abusing An Infant Yohan
My Loud snoring/Sleep apnea problem - What to do? Winston
New Mobile theme of the forum installed Winston
Should the mobile theme be the default forum theme? Winston
Forum background music Cornfed
Are most historical events and celebrity deaths faked and staged? This will make you wonder... josephty2
Quotes from US Presidents & Politicians who warned us that Secret Conspiracies run America josephty2
Example of how racist people are in the Pacific Northwest josephty2
New banners and header graphics for HA - What do you all think? HappyGuy
Could the Earth be FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe? Neo
Men discuss their experiences meeting Ukrainian women Cornfed
A brief summary of the Arbery case Cornfed
Just One Is NOT ENOUGH! Contrarian Expatriate
Should HA just be shut down or rebuilt from the ground up? Time is running out! Moretorque
Social Isolation in New York city is killing me. Winston
Why living in Canada sucks Winston
Seattle is the worst, read these excerpts from Seattle Times Winston
Why San Francisco's dating scene totally sucks Winston
Lithuania worth a visit? Winston
Has anyone ever gotten a girlfriend using HA Dating? Yohan
Guest posting is now disabled. Please log in or create an account to post. Thanks. HappyGuy
Dune 2000 | Sci-fi series HappyGuy
Computer Games HappyGuy
Turtle or Tortoise Yohan
The OK Karen Meme Contrarian Expatriate
Wildlife thriving with people under lock down MrMan
Kellogg's redesigns Fruit Loops mascot Toucan Sam Anonymous
Coronavirus from Wuhan, China Taco
How to Start a Food Prepper Pantry jamesbond
How do you keep your mind off of masturbation? jamesbond
Videos of Paul Janka 'Cold Approaching' Women in Public jamesbond
The Philippines on CoVID19 Lockdown! 30 days. Cannot go! Taco
The stupidity of tipping and gratuity customs in America Yohan
Is it smart for a guy to ask a new girlfriend to do a STD Test? hypermak
PUA and Cold Approaching Women is Over Forever Thanks to the Corona Virus josephty2
Four Extraordinary Aspects of Christianity That Atheists Can't Explain josephty2
Why the Hippie movement could've saved American men of today josephty2
Winston scammed $1500 at Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel! Anonymous
Why is Wikipedia so anti-conspiracy & pro-establishment? josephty2
United States And China Are Headed For War josephty2
Why do Americans have to be coddled like babies? josephty2
Young Earth Creationism - Is the world only 6.000 years old? josephty2
Winston in China! Updates and Photos Winston
Do feminists have any power? Neo
Do girls stay with bad boys because of stockholm syndrome? Anonymous
Leaving GoDaddy Winston
Have any of you visited Vietnam? Anonymous
Should we move HA back to Godaddy webhosting? Winston
Forum Updates and Changes Announcements Winston
Confused by the stock market. Taco
Why Jews Are Disproportionately Represented in Positions of Power Contrarian Expatriate
The Electric Universe Theory (my friend's dad David Talbott is a popularizer of it) Winston
Biggest Gazongas - World Record - Huge Tits! Winston
Nature board on HA Winston
Joe Rogan sells out Cornfed
Has Science Gone Too Far? HappyGuy
Latest feel good story Cornfed
Moral dilemma. How do you deal with it HappyGuy
False rape charges against guys are great reason for guys to flee from American women. Mercury
People's quality Contrarian Expatriate
The Happier Abroad Discussion Forum is now 8 years old Winston
Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Giants in Book of Enoch - Christian View of Ancient Aliens & UFOs Winston
Do you wash your hair and body everyday? I thought everyone did, but... Winston
Are mesas & mountains really ancient giant tree stumps? (No forests on flat earth viral video) Marien27
What are you listening to thread HappyGuy
How to make mobile responsive websites and banners (links for reference) Winston
Why is life so horrible? Winston
Dateless beautiful woman in America ? How could this happen HappyGuy
How horrible indeed are Australia & Canada vs Propaganda? HappyGuy
The average American is pathetic... HappyGuy
The anglosphere's obssesion with youth HappyGuy
The New World Order - Is there a secret agenda/conspiracy for World Government? Neo
Insomnia problem - Why can't I sleep at night? Gazzio
Is Porn/Masturbation causing you Social Anxiety/ED? HappyGuy
America Has Already Gone Down The Toilet Yohan
I was a GOD in The Philippines! Anonymous
NSFW jokes Winston
Wear your Hawaiian shirt to work day! Winston
Great Movies worth checking out - Post your recommendations flowerthief00
Honey: Bacteria's Worst Enemy Winston
Might be studying abroad in Costa Rica for spring shiro2142
Tacopacalypse Moretorque
Clint Eastwood & Charles Bronson - REAL MEN in action movies! HappyGuy
The Prisoner (1967) TV series - predicts the information age HappyGuy

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