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What is your opinion on the number of satellites? fschmidt
2020 Presidential Election Fraud - Stop the Steal Updates Winston
Chris Yoon, prophet on YT - Joe Biden arrested January 19th, Trump sworn in for a second term January 20th TruthSeeker
Going to Medical School Abroad Tsar
Frontier Justice Cornfed
Great Movies worth checking out - Post your recommendations Winston
Any of you seen 'Dances With Wolves'? It has a HA related theme! Winston
What's been your personal experiences of coronavirus disease? xiongmao
Ladislav in Brazil djeanp7898
What is Your #1 Goal for 2021? fschmidt
Do you ever wish you could do this to all your enemies? HouseMD
Gnosticism & The Lost Gospels - Secret Esoteric Teachings of Jesus For Initiates Only? Neo
THE AMERICAN DREAM - How Debt Slavery is Killing Us IraqVet2003
Are restrictions on meeting with people justified? mattyman
Soulless People: Are most people programs in the Matrix? NPCs, Organic Portals, Pre-Adamic Race Winston
Conspiracy Theories Are Illogical Winston
Hello From Georgia USA andrewmia876
Disabled and losing my hearing Kira7733
publicduende = hypermak: 20 proofs Winston
Conspiracy Theories Are Bullshit Winston
Why don't other expat sites mention Dating, Foreign Women, or Social Connection as reasons to move abroad? Winston
Would You Get the Covid-19 Vaccine? Winston
My observation, give up on women & get a sex robot Cornfed
Why does God allow evil, suffering & injustice to exist, and bad things to happen to good people? Neo
Has Science Gone Too Far? TommyJ
The Case for Life After Death - NDE's, Reincarnation, Ghosts & Spirits, Psychic Mediums, Etc. Winston
Coronavirus from Wuhan, China HappyGuy
Happy Birthday to my son Angelo! (videos) IraqVet2003
We Live in a Global Enslavement System of Slaves and Slavemasters Where People Are Not Truly Free Moretorque
Has anyone Been to Thailand in the Past 2-4 Months? xiongmao
Could Covid-19 be a scam or hoax? Does anyone know anyone who has it? xiongmao
5G Reports - New cables, towers, satellites TommyJ
Tucker Carlson is the real deal Winston
Young Earth Creationism - Is the world only 6.000 years old? Winston
Does the Bible prophesy the End of the World in 2028? Gabriel Ansel says YES! Winston
Statutory stalking officially becomes Federal law in the United States. Mercury
Tacopacalypse Winston
This is the end of America Tsar
QAnon and Fall of the Cabal - Trump's plan to take down the deep state? Winston
A Man's Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines - Larry Elterman Winston
Risks of the Covid vaccine Winston
Skyroam Roaming Puck ladislav
Bad experiences of covid+covid logic applied to road traffic Yohan
The Love Witch Movie Winston
Let's ban YouTube here Yohan
Ask me about New Zealand Yohan
Understanding Introverts - Myth vs. Reality jamesbond
Retro TV Commercials From the 70's and 80's jamesbond
The Philippines on CoVID19 Lockdown! Cannot go! gsjackson
Why are Brazilian women so hot? jamesbond
Why are states like Montana/Idaho/Wyoming such sausage fests? jamesbond
Debunking the "Foreign Women just want a green card or your money" claim and myth Winston
Fake Confidence and Self-Esteem: Fictitious Inventions of Modern America Winston
Are people mostly scum now? Tsar
How can Taiwan be "friendly" if no one wants to be your friend? 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Unfriendly Winston
8 Reasons Taiwan Girls Suck - No Personality/Soul, Cold, Closed, Repressed, Negative Vibe, Grim, Sour, Arrogant, Spoiled Winston
Teaching English online to support yourself Berg
Taiwan massage parlors and brothels - scouting report Winston
Anyone going to Thailand this Year? florida johny
Hot Single Chinese Women in their 30's! Wow! IraqVet2003
Why are the Nazis considered the bad guys? Winston
Hot Chinese Women Available! Wow! Winston
Should we join the Rosicrucian Order? (AMORC) Will this get us into the Illuminati network? Winston
Hunter Biden laptop China scandal exposed Winston
American cities are cesspools Yohan
Does Taiwan belong to China? Will China ever invade Taiwan? Yohan
I am now a believer in Bitcoin Moretorque
Why are some people always happy? What's their secret? Decu
Countries That Love Black Men (Updated) Berg
Russian Women vs. American Women - 7 Major Differences and Advantages Winston
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on HA Personals You Can Meet! Winston
Does anybody here think a global reset on humans is good? fschmidt
Is your social life BRUTALLY murdered once you get married/have kids? Taco
How many of you actually Cold Approach girls? Tsar
Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Giants in Book of Enoch - Christian View of Ancient Aliens & UFOs IraqVet2003
Is anyone else annoyed at the Christian preachers on here? Neo
Study in Europe JohnWu
Christmas is a scam for suckers JohnWu
Should I buy a flat in Bansko? JohnWu
Introduction JohnWu
Opinions for Moving Abroad JohnWu
Numerology reading for Winston - Very accurate? Winston
Editing of posts now has a time limit Moretorque
How to protect the clinically-vulnerable without lockdowns mattyman
There is no virus but there is a vaccine Yohan
Lolita - A Must Watch Movie Winston
Falklands War - final battle yick
Toilet Seat Down? Cornfed
Conversion to Islam fschmidt
Japanese-Filipina mixed girls IraqVet2003
What do you think about Japanese girls? longzing
Is it possible to forget your past and move on? Or does your past haunt you forever? Winston
How NASA Faked Outer Space Winston
Sexual Preferences Of Manila Women Taco
Positive Interviews with Brazilian Women djeanp7898
Could the Earth be FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe? gsjackson
Thai Girl Speaking English mattyman
How ignorant people are of the facts of covid? It's not the bubonic plague mattyman
Whats your zodiac sign? IraqVet2003
Why does Astrology work and reveal patterns above chance? IraqVet2003

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