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Hypermak vs Contrarian Expatriate vs Spencer flame war dump thread Winston
My Loud snoring/Sleep apnea problem - What to do? Do I need a CPAP machine? Contrarian Expatriate
Should I get my mercury dental amalgam fillings removed? HouseMD
Ukraine lockdown Italianman
How many of you are divorced with kids? Yohan
Amanda Knox - Is she guilty or innocent of murder in Italy? Winston
Holy fuck! This is the HOTTEST GIRL I've ever seen! She's beyond PERFECT, so DIVINE and ANGELIC! Moretorque
Share your interesting dreams here Winston
Is it possible to reverse or stop aging? Winston
Anyone tried Ayahuasca, DMT or Peyote? Winston
I Want to Thank the Vancouver Online Dating Girls That Rejected Me Contrarian Expatriate
I am a homeless girl... E Irizarry R&B Singer
POTUS election predictions Cornfed
Looking for love in all the wrong places. thestyledare
Do you think Amy Coney Barrett would have rejected Brett Kavanaugh as teenagers? gsjackson
Las Vegas Sucks! The most antisocial unfriendly toxic place! MatureDJ
Water Molecules on the Moon Surface may be turned into Rocked Fuel! Neo
What To Expect After The Presidential Election. MrPeabody
21 Year Old Girl Makes Video Saying She Has No Friends & No Social Life In America MrMan
ATM/Credit card conundrum in Mexico E Irizarry R&B Singer
Dream Connections by Mark Davis - Any Experiences? (Uncensored Open Discussion) Winston
As a POC, how would you rank these Asian countries according to how receptive they are to dating a person of color? Dipnswoop
Biden could help this site gsjackson
CDC: 94% of Covid deaths had underlying medical conditions Yohan
Do most of us have Asperger's or are we just too introverted, authentic and intellectual? hypermak
Masks are worthless Yohan
Ukraine in the summer videos ladislav
Peter Falk - Columbo jamesbond
Feeling Lonely? You're Not Alone jamesbond
Anyone watched female athletics lately? Italianman
Sex Tourist Grannies in Gambia Cornfed
NASA successfully lands spacecraft on asteroid Neo
How to decrease blacks Cornfed
Mark Davis interviews Winston ErnieMagic
How do you manage overseas investments? hypermak
Most people don't understand LOVE and never will! hypermak
How to register to vote online for US citizens and expats who live abroad Winston
Rooshv Exposed as a Perfect Sociopath Winston
Why We Live in a Global Enslavement System Where No One Is Truly Free Winston
BREAKING NEWS! Culture Whiz SOLVES Coronavirus!! Italianman
The Conspiracy Chart. Where are YOU on it? HouseMD
Has Donald Trump done anything good so far? Has he kept his promises? Cornfed
Some good horror films Winston
Hot Russian Women on Elenas Models! Wow! GarryB
Is 2 hours too risky? gsjackson
Understanding Introverts - Myth vs. Reality jamesbond
The Philippines on CoVID19 Lockdown! Cannot go! Yohan
Fakeness: The TRUE reason why I couldn't fit in America Contrarian Expatriate
Where can men find something like a community/fraternity/mutual aid society in America? theXplorer
Does Taiwan belong to China? Will China ever invade Taiwan? onethousandknives
I no longer wish to travel abroad onethousandknives
Why MILFs & Cougars Are a Waste of Your Time IraqVet2003
IS AMERICA ANTI-SOCIAL? (blog entry) hypermak
Ladislav in Mexico City now ladislav
Winston, you're fat because you're vegetarian flowerthief00
What Christians Can Do As America Falls Apart Taco
A Woman Talks About Her Struggle With Lust hypermak
The Reason Why Wages in America Have Been Stagnant Since 1973 jamesbond
Japanese Women Or Korean Women for Marriage Yohan
Real Estate in Las Vegas jamesbond
Mass exodus from California, Illinois, Jersey and New York will ruin other states! HappyGuy
Natural Cancer Cures being suppressed by the medical industry, big pharma and US government IraqVet2003
Do Filipina wives lose interest in sex after having kids? MikeHunt
Do you find that 4s now are pre-social media era 7s in their perceived value? MikeHunt
Brittany Venti is "Baddie B" jamesbond
The Dystopian Age of the Mask HenryGeorge
Going There to Meet Your Online Girlfriend Yohan
Hello from Gali in the Philippines Yohan
Mercury Detox and Chelation Using Everyday Foods Winston
Would You Get the Covid-19 Vaccine? Yohan
Wise and Witty Quotes Gali
Why do only WHITE people popularize/practice Eastern Spirituality/Philosophy/Buddhism but Asians don't? Winston
Corny? hypermak
Should childhood diseases go untreated? Cornfed
5G Reports - New cables, towers, satellites HappyGuy
NASA never landed on the Moon - Apollo Hoax HappyGuy
Tacopacalypse HappyGuy
The Fullerton Informer - Joe Imbriano (5G Whistleblower) HappyGuy
Coronavirus from Wuhan, China HappyGuy
Search engines and Web browsers for privacy HappyGuy
How do people cope with pain? Kira7733
I wish I had someone to talk to... Neo
Jeffery Epstein commits suicide... Winston
Google Chrome spies on users Priscilla-9
Anyone ever been involved with MLM or Network Marketing, aka Pyramid Schemes? Winston
Fake rich vs real rich Moretorque
Americans Are Dying With an Average of $62K in Debt ladislav
Are the Jews a Race, Religion, Culture or all of them? What are the Jewish People exactly? ladislav
Are we living in a computer simulation, like in the Matrix Trilogy? WisconsinMan82
Happy Halloween! Enjoy the Halloween forum theme! TruthSeeker
Search Engine Friendly Web Design ray053
The Rock has lost his mind | WTF an En-Dork-Ment for the Libs?!?! kangarunner
Digital Nomads - Perpetual travelers with portable income that is location independent! WorldTraveler
Do real laser guns exist yet? Winston
The wisdom of starting a youtube channel Winston
The Coronavirus and the New World Order HappyGuy
Alan Watts - Great Talks on Eastern Wisdom & Philosophy (Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism) Winston
Geocentric Earth Model - Is Earth Stationary and at the Center of the Universe? New Proof Says YES! Winston
Could Covid-19 be a scam or hoax? Does anyone know anyone who has it? HappyGuy
Did Covid-19 Put You Out of Work HappyGuy

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