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Great Epic Movie & TV Soundtracks and Themes Winston
Inside a Brazilian brothel Traveler
Winston's high blood pressure/hypertension problem Winston
Betty Boop Cartoons jamesbond
Retro TV Commercials From the 70's and 80's jamesbond
Peter Falk - Columbo jamesbond
I need advice from CE Tsar
In America it's life, liberty and the pursuit of a paycheck IraqVet2003
Feminism attempts to ruin the Video Game culture (video) Tsar
The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power IraqVet2003
Why You Should Quit Your Job MrMan
Are the Pessimists on this Forum Socially Awkward MrMan
return flight ticket is it necessary ? MrMan
Moderator Bullying on YouTube (But also much of internet websites) MrMan
Update on modern Whites gsjackson
Explain this quote. josephty2
The reason why I don't approach American women suprmon
The Sallie House - The Most Haunted House in America jamesbond
Reasons Men Should Leave America Tsar
Risks of the Covid vaccine Cornfed
My video HappyGuy
Just got my first Pfizer shot Cornfed
You Need To Work And Have A Job! Cornfed
Where can one find this sort of girl, a 'good girl'? MrMan
5G Reports - New cables, towers, satellites HappyGuy
Bitcoin Will Replace All Currencies Decu
My new approach to dating Tsar
Hello sandraallen
Why are there so many negative people on forums in general? MarcosZeitola
75% Of American Women Would Not Date An Unemployed Man yick
My advice to pretty women who complain they only attract guys who want their looks mattyman
Why do the powers that be push globalism and socialism so badly? Formafist
Thailand Online Dating's downward spiral Cornfed
Is International Dating For Losers? flowerthief00
Was S_Parc right that I should pay a whore? Tsar
easy countries to get women flowerthief00
Do the elite want to kill stupid people? Tsar
The Pink Panther Cartoons jamesbond
Coronavirus from Wuhan, China HappyGuy
Why do American women only want to date bad boys and thugs? mattyman
Matthew 5:32 (Bible) is a perfect reason for guys to NEVER marry an American woman! Mercury
Owners of CB2 in Fort Myers ban all handicapped patrons from their bar/restaurant. Mercury
Great Horror Movie Classics on YouTube! jamesbond
Naked Ukrainian Girls Deported from Dubai Yohan
The walls are closing in Cornfed
Rookh Kshatriya on Canadian feminism Formafist
An Honest Conversation About Hypergamy jamesbond
Are China women becoming picky? yick
Supply and demand theory MrMan
How I became Happier Abroad (and in El Paso) Stranton
Lawsuits over Covid regulations HappyGuy
Urban crime HappyGuy
No fun being an "Oriental" in the USA today. HappyGuy
Orwell's 1984 coming true? Tsar
Official Announcement from Tsar Tsar
What is Your #1 Goal for 2021? HouseMD
How much cash should I keep in Euro? Tsar
America is done and is sinking HappyGuy
Gen X - erased by Baby Boomers | The Narcissistic Resistance HappyGuy
7 billion vaccines HappyGuy
Questions for Biden HappyGuy
People should just STFU and listen to me WorldTraveler
Tacopacalypse Taco
Bitch I'm Bill Gates Taco
Some good horror films Winston
How easy is it to get American women into bed? MrMan
The Length Western Women Will Go To Avoid Males MrMan
Could the Covid Vaccine become mandatory? Winston
How Cereal Is Made jamesbond
Here are some cool music videos from the 80's jamesbond
Can anyone recommend me a mail forwarding service? Tsar
The Virus Blame Game ladislav
Traveling Again Soon Tsar
News - Vaccine adverse reactions HappyGuy
Shakedowns Cornfed
Why America Sucks At Everything HappyGuy
Can I throw a mobile phone or electronic into the trash? Tsar
Do you prefer to eat pork or beef? MrMan
A lot of young American women seem to be asexual MrMan
Persons with handicaps banned from all bars, restaurants, nightclubs in America. MrMan
Unemployed Men in America Formafist
How horrible indeed are Australia & Canada vs Propaganda? Formafist
Canada is a sexless concentration camp for men Formafist
Face masks are increasing street crime HappyGuy
As a young brown or black man, how were you treated and viewed in the Philippines? HappyGuy
Weird insect plague Tsar
Newbie!!! LadyTruong
Grief LadyTruong
Dating sites where women outnumber men 8:1!!! AveryGavin
The Perfect Human Diet Moretorque
Online Dating in the U.S. sucks jamesbond
Creepy Joe Biden jamesbond
Weekend at Biden's jamesbond
A successful negro Cornfed
North Mexico report HappyGuy
Women - 10 types of men to avoid for relationships yick
America Compared: Why Other Countries Treat Their People So Much Better Yohan
Why is work a religion in America and you are expected to agree as if it were natural?! jamesbond
Traveling around Taiwan for the past 2 weeks Fredyla006
America is a culture of sin! WorldTraveler

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