Incredibly delusional American spinster

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Incredibly delusional American spinster

Post by MatureDJ » ... dies/8654/
If I find someone I really like being with, and if he and I decide we want a child together, and it’s too late for me to conceive naturally, I’ll consider whatever technological aid is currently available, or adopt (and if he’s not open to adoption, he’s not the kind of man I want to be with).
Let me get this straight. A man has to have a good job and be intelligent, handsome, interesting (in the way that you like it), tall, yada, yada, yada AND be interested in a 40-something, decayed, barren woman - as opposed to a hot, fertile 20-something woman - AND be OK with going the expense of fertility treatments to try and coax one of your past-due eggs into becoming a zygote - AND THEN after failure at that, be supportive of being the father in an adoption of some other man's seed.

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Post by Ghost »

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Post by zzzz »

Skimmed through it looking for the point, couldn't really find it. Basically she admits all women only marry up or want to. Since women are better educated and earn more now it's so hard for them, boo hoo.
But while the rise of women has been good for everyone, the decline of males has obviously been bad news for men
Then it's full of stupid non-sense quotes like that.
the remaining 80 percent, male and female, sit out the hookup dance altogether.
And this, especially since this is in the article as well -
every woman who is a six and above wants the hottest guy on campus, and she can have him—for one night.
breakup with Allan, my problem, as I saw it, lay in wanting two incompatible states of being—autonomy and intimacy
Do you really lose that much autonomy if married? It should open some doors while closing others. Two people can do a lot more than one if focused on the same things.
I wondered what my mother’s life would have been like had she lived and divorced my father. A room of one’s own, for each of us. A place where single women can live and thrive as themselves.
Well for one you probably would have never been born and wrote this article. She can't make up her mind about anything that's why she can't commit to a real relationship. For me the real reason men and women marry late or not at all in the West is people are just selfish and care about themselves more than having kids.
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Post by boycottamericanwomen »

Goddamn, this bitch actually wrote 5 f***ing pages? I could barely make it through the first page without stopping.

Anyway, she's just another mentally ill spoiled brat American woman who doesn't f***ing realize how good she has it. American men are considered as the best husbands in the world, and according to her, they are not "good enough" for her to "settle" with. Therefore, she is going to end up growing old alone with her 10 cats, like most American women nowadays.

She also whines about how hard her life is... oh poor wittle baby... it's not like she lives in f***ing Pakistan where women are constantly in fear of getting blown up by suicide bombers. How hard her life is! She spent her 20 and 30s partying... oh what a hard life. It's not like she was working in a rice field at age 16 in some shit-hole 3rd world country.

Guys, do you get it yet? IS IT f***ing OBVIOUS YET? American women are just a bunch of spoiled little brats. Please, spread the TRUTH about them, and help SAVE your fellow man from falling victim to them and marrying them. Please tell everyone, BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN!
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