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Re: No American relationship is stable.

Post by boycottamericanwomen »

OutsideoftheBox wrote:
boycottamericanwomen wrote:It seems that people tend to be more fond of other races. For example, you'll sometimes see black men with white women, and the white women love the black men. Or you'll see white men with asian women and the asian women love white men.

For some reason, the races aren't getting along very well within their own race and are starting to look outwards.

I've noticed that interracial relationships are actually much more stable, for some reason. I guess opposites attract? As a white guy, I've always though black and brown women were super sexy, whereas I was never much attracted to white women. Go figure...
That is to be expected from members of this forum. Basically white males (who have probably been burnt by white females) praise non-white females; black males (who have been burnt by black females) will praise non-black females. Its just how emotions work when someone is hurt. It has nothing to do with actual attraction in most cases. Its usually reactionary.

A study conducted by an asian scientist judged black women to be the least attractive women, while black men have been judged to be the most attractive men. Men were preferred to be darker (or there was no preference) while women were preferred to be fair skinned. To reiterate: Black women were judged to be the LEAST attractive women at the conclusion; while black men the MOST attractive men.

Moving on: Then again, most of the males here are speaking from the pain the females of their own so-called "race" have caused them. Not from an objective point of view. Thus I usually expect the overvaluing of anything that is the opposite of their race. Its backlash.

On interracial: Of course various races will go for interracial dating in America. It is wired to be that way; America has destroyed their culture and forced a whitewashed corporate fantasy on them. There is a reason they call America "The Melting Pot."

No one has any real culture here. You can't possibly maintain a real culture in America. It's all consumerism. American society actually attacks and corrupts any kind of non-anglo culture. Call it "White Man's Burden." Though this also happens to Europeans who come here. Americans have no culture; its just consumerism. And they buy whatever is being sold to them. That "interracial is the way to go" is one of those selling points. The corporate-anglo lack of culture wreaks havoc on non-whites and destroys their families. America also tries to promote single-mother families as "real families" as well. Its a backwards, antagonistic, corporate-consumerist matrix.

There are, in fact, blacks who have never intermingled with whites. And their families are extremely stable.
Great reply. As for America being cultureless and materialistic, well it's kind of hard to have any real culture when America is totally controlled by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. And they regularly do all kinds of sick and evil things to keep society under their satanic control.

The real leaders of the world, the global elite, are engaging in such evil things like killing young babies in satanic sacrifices and drinking the blood, in order to increase their demoniac mystic powers.

Let's hope to God that these f***ing evil monsters called the Illuminati will all be killed soon, along with all of their followers and supporters.
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Post by ErikHeaven »

Do you hear the white guy in that video sounding like a low class wigger, "Stop Yo, What up? American women of ALL races gravitate towards the scum and low class men. One would be a fool to put any of them on a pedestal.
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