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Re: S_Parc and xiongmao

Post by S_Parc »

dreamer82 wrote:You see websites like "Backpage. com" offering p4p. Why are these so available when it's against the law. It seems like it gives law enforcement unlimited work. Why not shut down web sites?Perhaps this is getting too far off this forum's topic. Is this "incall" becoming tolerated?
Officers need to employ entrapment tactics. Sites, by themselves, only imply the act; they could also be providing legitimate Burlesque/strippers showgirls, adult actresses, or simply someone to talk 'dirty' with. Thus, an undercover agent needs to engage one of the gals and then, get her to say the 'wrong' thing, and then, the vice squad descends upon 'em.

It gets really difficult here, as if the gal actually tells the cop that he's "good-looking" and that she's "attract to him", well, that kinda foils the plan. Also, if the gal turns on a camcorder and says that she wants to make a movie, once again, the police officer is foiled as porn is legal. So the key is to get the woman to talk about what she'll do and for how much and then, the police officer can swing the arrest. That's why Gov Eliot Spitzer will never face legal prosecution. He was more or less, convicted in the court of public opinion, as there's nothing wrong with *spending a couple of hours* with a woman in return for a few thousand dollars. The reason for the exchange of dollars can't be proven in court without an entrapment plan in place.

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Post by FREEDOM1 »

geeez USA is a f***ed up country

You can buy guns anywhere and everywhere

but god forbid you stick your penis into a vagina

and hand over some cash (isnt this what you call dating anyway?)

oh my god - the work of satan lol :evil:
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Post by Maker55 »

I agree. I tell these guys that if you just have to be with a woman for an extended period of time, just get into a relationship not marriage, even relationships are pretty bad.

Western women are turning bisexual at an alarming rate.

The rest of the women are gradually following this mindset.
You're where you're at in life because of your thoughts.

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Post by Banano »

No i think its great country
founding fathers thought sex should be free and people shdnt be paying for it, thats why prostitution is illegal

so next time go to pro, just have sex and dont pay, you didnt forced her to do it so it cant be rape as it was consentual and she cant go to cops and say 'joe banana just used my p***y and now he no wanna pay'

explain to her banging for free is perfectly legal but charging for it is illegal n morally wrong

Problem in US is that you prbbly have to pay upfront, in countries like Thailand where many times you dont know if you banged normal girll or a hooker till the next morning, it is possible to get away without paying.

Btw i did that in Thailand a few times couple of years ago, I just told them that I dont have cash, cc only:( or that i assumed they were non pro since price was never mentioned and everything seemed like normal pickup...they play dirty , you play dirty..key is to select 'right' type of girl for that, not one who is too good looking and /or aggressive, you want sweet tamed one...rmbr you got law on your side:) ..
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Re: Pros only lifestyle

Post by All_That_Is_Man »

S_Parc wrote:Fellas, it's been a while since I'd posted. In particular, I was getting a bit bored of all the troll/flame wars about pretty much nothing.

What I noticed that's change, since I'd taken a short break, is that my opinion on dating/relationships have completely solidified. In general, right now, I have zero interest in women, foreign or American. I notice that frequent posterers here, still have that pining for someone *special*, that 'Little House on the Prairie' gal but from another continent. Well .. for those guys, good luck, but my sense is that your chances will dwindle in the decades ahead, as the world gets hooked, via Hand held tablets and media on-demand. I don't see this trend slowing down anytime soon. It's what some call the Digital Frontier and now, it's no longer an American thing but a global malaise.

Seeing escorts on a scheduled basis (Quebec is my nearest Canadian outlet), has really liberated my psyche from the nonsense of this idea ... that men need women. In reality, it's basically not true. Since my last relationship with a Brazilian woman had ended, I've been pretty much, boycotted all relationships. And now, it's normal; I see no reason to have someone *special* in my life. I like to work, take classes, do my hobbies, and periodically boink. And once the aforementioned are carried out, then life is good.
LOL, welcome back, S_Parc! Where the hell have you been? I mentioned you in one of my Happier Abroad raps (below)
All_That_Is_Man on June 8, 2012 wrote:There's S_Parc who's had it up to here with his sister's histrionics
Can't be as bad as today's black females and their fat bitch ebonics
Got a man named Grunt who marched hard and fought in a war
But he wont take part in the fightin' on these online forums anymore

Now there's Contrarian Expatriate, but we just call him C.E.
We love when he puts bitches in their place and laughs at their "degree"
Don't forget about E_Whatever, I just call him "E_Izzy"
Ain't hardly here no more, doin' his IT thing, and staying busy

MarcusAurelias, man what an alias!
He used to love these forums so hard, I thought he would marry us!
But we all know better that marriage is a living hell
If your mind longs to be open, there's a ton of truth to tell

chileanueva, call me nutty but I'll give props to that dude
His profile pic looks just like Victoria - the local Summit, Illinois prostitute!
I miss the friendliest user, yeah I'm talkin' bout Ghost
But if feminazis got him mad, he was eager to dish a roast

These are the old members, that we don't hardly see
Add jcris7 to that list, now's the time to ask "where they be?"
They're probably overseas, bobbing for apples with foreign breasts
Oops, I almost lost focus on being happier abroad, might have to join them and give these forums a rest.

The original link is here: viewtopic.php?t=12378&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

Now back on topic; I completely agree with your notion that men don't need women. For the longest time, I have just viewed women as sex objects - not even in a degrading way, but I just view them in the way they choose to be presented. Meeting women (granted I live in the American midwest) has become nothing but a chore and a headache, seeing as just looking at a female in general will skyrocket her ego and make her think that you are either trying to sleep with her or make her think that she has some high value. Either way, she generally reacts cold and resentful toward you because her first assumption is that you're begging for sex. Enough is enough. If they choose to be whores, but won't live out the duties of whores, how can men not lose interest in them? If I were in or near Montreal, I too would just do the GFE thing occasionally, as I've found American women to be completely undeserving of my money, and most times my company.
"Manginas grovel. Men travel." - me (04/17/2012)

"I used to be one of those men who believed that men are better than women at everything. Then I stood corrected!
Women are better than men at... getting fat." - me (02/24/2013)

Black women suck at life.
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