Has anyone experienced being obligated to produce male heir?

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Re: Has anyone experienced being obligated to produce male h

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jboy wrote:
kai1275 wrote:
jboy wrote:Eversince my father passed away a couple of months ago, my grandfather (his dad) has been urging me to find a nice chinese girl and get to working on giving him a male grandchild. At this day and age, I'm quite surprised that my family which is quite modern is seemingly reverting to being traditional. Its ironic my chinese grandfather allowed his only son to marry a caucasian girl and yet be adamant that I should marry a chinese girl. Even my mother is into this! She says its my father's dying wish and that I should hurry get it over with before my grandfather croaks lol.

Don't get me wrong, I wanna marry and have kids but it beats me why my grandfather would insist on a chinese girl for his eurasian grandson. Chinese women are control and career freaks and I have no intention of being trapped in a union with such.

May be I should get one of the girls I'm seeing now pregnant. They are pinays and I can get away with not marrying any of them lol. That should make me an unattractive prospect for the chinese ladies the matchmakers are lining up for me at least.
I'm surprised you do not want these sorts of things for yourself! What kind of man are you? Are you one of those athiest-liberal types or some loner libertarian hardliner? Or some combination of all of that? Do you want to roam around for mongering and never have kids? If so, tell them straight up. Don't be a p***y about it.

I have alot of pride in both sides of my family. All the males typically stick together and we take alot of pride in being hard working, athletic, good looking, and successful like our grandfathers were.

I'm not going to try to convince you to get a Chinese wife, like myself, because if you were interested you probably would have had one by now. How old are you anyway? What are you currently doing in life? Anyone's advice in here, may not yield much use, depending upon many other factors.

Chinese women are control and career freaks? Are you talking about Chinese American Women? or Chinese Women from mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwanese women? If you say all of them, you need to get out more. The only women I know like that are actually American Women. The old all Asian women are Tiger Wives rant, is old, played out, and tired....
Man, we aren't talking about chinese village girl here and frankly I won't be happy with a village girl. I want a cosmopolitan woman with the mellowness and passion of a latina but more subtle. Never met a chinese girl like that. The women they lined up for me are the daughters and granddaughters of my grandfather's associates...these are entitled princesses who are chinese city girls. Do u have an idea how stuck up women from Beijing and Shanghai are? I would go back to US and marry an ameriskank than be with those. If u marry into an influential chinese family u have joined the mafia and yakuza rolled into one. U won't get out alive lol. And yes, mainland chinese women turn into dragon bitches once they reach a certain age.
That makes little sense... You went from village girls to rich beijing/shanghai fu er dai, as if anyone else wants that either. I guess you prefer a Chinese girl like my wife. Well there are plenty of them if that is what you want. My wife is from Hunan, in the countryside, but she lived in big cities, she cooks very well and everyday, very caring and loving, and can even configure a router, and recover a damaged harddrive, by herself after I loosely described how to do it. She is not a tiger wife either.

If you just do not want to be told anything by any woman, do not marry anyone except a super submissive type. Otherwise it is not possible. You can find that right balance if you put down the snark and cynicism, and put a little work into it yourself, and stop listening to other loaners. If you want to be alone and drift, that's fine too, but you can at least tell your family and make them back off.

Complaining about them complaining about you, is just an endless and stupid circle jerk session where no one wins.

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So off to China for me to meet the lined up prospects this August! Wish me luck lol
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