Asian female behaviour analysis

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momopi wrote:Here's an example of an Asian girl's interracial dream, Michelle Phan who made over $1 million from her youtube videos on makeovers, moving to Paris and hooking up with Swiss model Dominique Capraro: ... e-29941484

Like it or not, Asian & Black interracial couples are rare, and the number of Asian women who are into black culture and black men are few. However, this is off-set by the even smaller number of eligible black bachelors in Asian countries. Also, in Japan there is a segment of young population who are into black culture and hip hop. Jero, the first black enka singer in Japan, retained a "hip hop image" in stage dress even though the music doesn't really match.

In Japan, there are MANY Japanese women who have sex with black men, married and single.

Read "Black Passenger Yellow Cab" and a dark skinned Jamaican man had a constant rotation of Japanese women.

You don't need to be a black entertainer to get women, black English teachers get booty for days in Japan.
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