The Perfect Measurements

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The Perfect Measurements

Post by Tsar »

The perfect measurements for a woman are said to be 36-24-36.

A statistically proven element of beauty is that the Golden Ratio and the very feminine traits are universally recognized as ideal by men in all cultures.

She has a face that is geometrically beautiful and her measurements are very close to what many people call the "perfect measurements." She's a good example of what I find attractive.

How often do you think the women you find attractive fit with the ideal measurements and geometric ideals like the Golden Ratio?
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Re: The Perfect Measurements

Post by jamesbond »

Tsar wrote:The perfect measurements for a woman are said to be 36-24-36.
Yes, I love those measurements, even a larger bust is fine as well. The women below have some of my ideal "measurements." :D

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Post by jmbPtforlife »

Thanks for the measurements. I could maybe do just a little more in the hips.

Once think I have been noticing because its the one thing every girls puts on Thaifriendly is that about 51 kg is as big as I like girls unless they start getting over 5 f 8 but I rarely like them that tall.
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Post by droid »

JamesBond, what's with all the silicone-filled bimbos? I thought the point here in HA was to escape from that crap... :shock:
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