Why do black american men want white american women?

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Post by C.J. »

SilverEnergy wrote:Yep, a lot of intelligent American girls date thugs, bad boys and drug dealers unfortunately.
Like attracts like. Stupid is, as stupid finds.

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Post by ntm1972 »

The turn this thread has taken reminds me of the following: If you want civilization, you have to impose it on women, not negotiate it with them.

Misogynist statement? No, just a truthful one.

The following passage from Daniel Amneus' book "The Garbage Generation" comes to mind.
The present sexual anarchy has not resulted from "two centuries of secular humanism"; it has developed mostly within the last generation (not, to be sure, without predisposing causes), and it has occurred largely in consequence of government welfare programs, the pressures of feminism, the 50 percent divorce rate and society's error in supposing that its props are required for the strongest link in the family, the mother's role, rather than for the weakest link, the father's role.

There can be no greater contrast than that between what Gilder imagines women to think and what women actually do think once they have rejected the patriarchal socialization men have imposed on them for the last several millennia. Prior to the imposition of this patriarchal socialization, the relations between the sexes were governed by the first law of matriarchy: "Women control our own bodies."

"Some distinguishing features of a woman-centered social system," says Paula Gunn Allen, "include free and easy sexuality and wide latitude in personal style."

The 7th century Bedouin poetess Maysun was a woman who knew both the civilized life of a caliph's wife and the free, wild and matricentric life of the nomad. In the following verses she lamented how her condition as a wife bound her to the contract of marriage. She had no yearning (such as Gilder supposes women to have) to impose this contract or to impose civilization and family stability on a lawless male. It was a male who imposed it on her and she didn't like it:

Breeze-flowing tents I prefer
to ponderous halls
And desert dress
to diaphanous veils.
A crust I'd eat in the awning's shade,
not rolls,
And watched by a dog that barks
not a cat that smiles,
I'd sleep to the wind's time,
not to the tambourine.
A youth's impetuous sword,
not a husband's wiles,
Uncouth slim tribesmen I love,
not corpulent men.

In keeping with the intended theme of the thread, I'll say this. American black women generally operate at a level closer to the matriarchal ideal described by Amneus, which is why American black men prefer American white women. If white women started behaving as badly as black women - and a lot of them already do - you'd see black men going for Asian women. Black on Asian is happening as we speak, and the further white women go downhill, the more we'll see it happen.
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Post by djfourmoney »

Okay I interrupted from mixing to post to this thread.

I am not going to address the resident dumbass as he feels the needs to mis-characterize Blacks whenever he gets a chance and like most White men in America are banned from saying the N word otherwise they get booted from forums like this, fired from jobs and if not fired then told to go suck a lemon (sensitivity training).

But I am going to talk over him and speak to a boarder context.

After centuries of oppressing a people, the offspring of these idiots continue to come around like roaches with their inferiority complexes.

If Black men have IR children what you guys smoking, it's just returning humanity back to its roots. Nobody says a fugging word about the incest committed by White males since the industrial revolution and even into Victoria era Britain before it was roundly rejected by the scientific community.

One of thousand points of interest of the modern and post-modern Anglo male.

White men speak of advantage of racial mixing when its his seed, but the world will come to an end as soon as "mudsharks" start having enough children with Black men to confuse the average White man from not being able to tell who's pure breed or mix (mutts). Let me remind the Brits and Americans on this channel, 95% of you are not pure breed yourself.

It's these attitudes and the continued inferiority complex that White women can't stand anymore and start looking at alternatives.

Let me say there are several social conditions at work here. Both White women and Black men are dealing with paradoxical relationships with the opposite of their ethnic group.

White women value relationships, especially those of family. The fear of being disowned especially by elders and the men in their families prevent them from considering Black men and continue to look for suitable White men to marry. Problems like House MD's female friend are all too common and there have been several reported in the NYT.

I also suggest you read Charles Murray who's been knocking on this for more than a decade. I am not a fan of Murray at all, he's a moron but he uses statistical data to prove that White men are failing themselves and it's not anybody else's fault but their own.

I have preferred White women since grammar school, though my first sexual contact was with a biracial girl named Misty.

No reason to consider any woman exclusively and I generally don't. I picked Brazil for a fug'in reason, only Argentina as more people of European decent. Also since Brazil views itself as a racially harmonious. It's mostly untrue as you see some of the same problems there as you here.

1) White Brazilian men view Black Brazilian women as sex objects. White men systematically try to keep Blacks out of higher wage employment and from getting high education.

2) Afro Brazilian women look at themselves as victims and are often the lead of the household. They blame racism for the 36% of Afro-Brazilian men married to non-Afro Brazilian women while conveniently forgetting 34% of Afro Brazilian women are married to the same White men they view as oppressive and racist.

So what we have here is the same exact system. White men can do and say whatever they want. Black women call themselves victims while calling Black male shiftless and lazy. The majority of them want to marry Black men but say there's a dearth of suitable men available so they turn to dating and marrying White men.

Hold back your laughter for a second, as I have trouble holding my laughter in but get this.

They say the Brazilian Government is out to eliminate the Black race from Brazil. Okay, if that's the case sisters, why you marrying White men at almost an equal clip to Black men marrying White/Brown Brazilians????

So yet again, anything a Black man does is bad news.

This is why I have a hard time talking Black Women and White Men seriously. It seems to me they are working together in any mixed race culture to make sure Black men are denigrated and allow the White man to talk sh*t about us, even kill us. Not a peep comes from Black women.

Oh there's outrage, don't get me wrong, but there's no call for a moratorium on them marrying White men...

So why is everybody concerned with who I stick my dick into and why do White men expose themselves as having inferiority complexes by trying to explain away what type of White women would have sex and/or marry a Black man over them.

H8ters are just going to Hate there isn't much us Black men can do about it.
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Post by pandabear »

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Post by jamesbond »

This black guy hit's the nail on the head regarding white women in America.

"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."
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Post by QuestionMark »

I agree with that 2nd video. I wouldn't date an ugly girl of any race. And I would never date someone for social status at all. But at the same time, I wouldn't say make sure she's a dime. I would say get at least a 5 (average). 10's are out of the question for some us.

I'm not defending them or anything, but those guys like many men in america are probably settling for a less desirable woman because they can't get the ones they really want, although they shouldn't. It's hard to get good looking white women in america. Yeah, there's some of them that'lle date out. But for the most part, your average good looking, middle class white lady in america (and Can, Aus, NZ) isn't interested in dating out.

I agree with the 1st video too. Sometimes I ask myself the question of who's more racist, men or women? Of course it seems like men most of the time, but women are pretty racist too. I think men are more open to dating outside their race in america, to whereas women are more demanding to stick to their own race of men.

This isn't to do with the videos, but here's what I've noticed about IR's in america. Some ppl make it seem like some silly, exotic, sexual fetish if a person wants to date out in america. It's one thing to have a fetish, but it's another thing to just simply be attracted to what you are naturally attracted to. Most men are straight and like women, is that a fetish? Some men like short or tall women, or women who have a certain hair color, etc, are those fetishes too? But when it comes to attraction to another race, people are quick to say it's a fetish, jungle fever, etc. Race, the elephant in the room even when it comes to dating.

The other thing we've all noticed is that aversion to IR's in america is strongest when it comes those between blacks and whites. If its between say whites and Latinos or Indians, or blacks and Asians or Arabs, then there usually isn't too much opposition. But even today, over 45 years after interracial marraiges became legal all over the states, people still have really strong feelings about interracial dating between blacks and whites.
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