Here's Something I Don't Get About America:

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Here's Something I Don't Get About America:

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You know, I was just thinking of something: In America, if someone so much as flirts with a coworker, that can (& does) turn into a serious issue- sometimes whether or not the coworker had a problem with it. This is because this is at least reminiscent of an attack & the person is seen to be in somewhat of a trapped condition.

If & when someone is actually attacked, it's not so cut & dry. People even get RAPED in a HOSPITAL, and it's all kinds of vague & people don't know what to think. So an unconventional methodology is all someone needs to prey on people. This is something where they, themselves, can very easily be trapped & not even be there of their own accord in the first place, yet they don't seem to be in any kind of suspicious or counteractive state of mind.

Same goes for cops- there was just recently a case where two of them snatched-up & raped a 16-year-old girl in a van & then got NO TIME. Said "their code" didn't prevent it. What, they need to be told each & every thing, even when it's implied by the situation- like if someone is in a condition of capture they can't be seen to be rendering consent or when they're below the age of majority? Like the kind of stuff they know to lock people up for? If she's 16, she might be willingly role-playing the exact same thing & the people she does that with would theoretically get locked-up for it no matter what she said. Now these guys go to her HOSPITAL room & try to intimidate her? NINE GUYS!

I guess there isn't really this "overwhelming majority" if this smaller-scale stuff doesn't get overwhelmed. I notice it's in the professions that brag about how helpful they are (and, I guess, how implicitly entitled they are to do the opposite- as if they've earned a treat & this is what a treat is for them, so that's what makes them untrustworthy & that's what makes them un-useful?). This is stuff that also can cost a fortune in bills & taxes, never mind legal fees. Pretty serious stuff, but two people getting into a relationship at work is the more important thing to get in the way of & put a stop to.
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