request for stanfordguy

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request for stanfordguy

Post by Spencer »

Stanfordguy you are my hero even other here so afraid you and afraid truth but still you making too far, faked photos, over extreme exagerate become not all truth, porn photo, so winson need make banning you. remember mark zucberg make online girls compare farm animal get probastion from harvard shcool 6 months to much punish so please just post truth only and no porn that already funny enough many drama on here from goofy self serious poster already and you imaginitive one good with computer stick to 100% real so stay and make forum entertain and inspire asiaman go europe find young top status whitegirl please, come back post, teach, make video for happy aboard, maybe winson make advisor status for culturewhiz if you more serious since you only man with good europe white girl, have video call with winson about what to post help forum guy who angry bitter not happy aboard be mentor to the ones can travel especial asiaman ok?
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Re: request for stanfordguy

Post by Mercer »

Stanford Guy, will you be doing the video call with Winston?
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Re: request for stanfordguy

Post by GerardButler »

If he deletes all the defamatory comments on his website, it could be considered :)
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