Why Are Anglo Countries So Prudish, Uptight & Anti Social

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Why Are Anglo Countries So Prudish, Uptight & Anti Social

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It's funny if you watch TV shows or movies made in Anglo countries you would think the people who live in those countries are open, friendly and are getting laid all the time. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. People in Anglo countries tend to be prudish, uptight, unfriendly and anti social.

Work is the centerpiece of most people's lives in Anglo societies so this doesn't leave most people time to have a balanced life. Also, men are seen as sexual perverts in the Anglo world, so that contributes to the prudishness that women exhibit towards men. Winston has often said that when he cold approached women in the United States the women would give off "prudish vibes" towards him. He said this never happened when he cold approached girls in eastern Europe or the Philippines.

A great deal of people in english speaking countries don't even know who their neighbors are. Also, talking to strangers is considered taboo (this is why most men don't dare cold approach women in Anglo countries).

The things that Anglo countries have in common is, workaholism, anti social behavior and prudish attitudes towards sex.
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Re: Why Are Anglo Countries So Prudish, Uptight & Anti Social

Post by ArchibaultNew »


Maybe they have to focus on work so much that everything else is a distraction.
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