The Pickle N Pub in Fort Myers is the pinnacle of extreme toxic discrimination.

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The Pickle N Pub in Fort Myers is the pinnacle of extreme toxic discrimination.

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It looks like we have another bar in Southwest Florida that everyone should avoid.

Even New Yorkers would be beyond disgusted by the kinds of toxic, soulless behaviors displayed by the owners and management of the Pickle n Pub Bar and Grill on Old McGregor Blvd. And those owners are beyond terrible; they call people with disabilities "an extreme total disgust on our streets that needs to be institutionalized." They call single guys "nazis, skinheads, Schutzstaffel," and other ugly names, guys that don't have a girlfriend and/or are not engaged or married to a woman. They call every congregation of single guys a "Nazi fest." They permanently ban and refuse to serve all persons that have any kind of disability, including but not limited to Alzheimer's, autism, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, epilepsy, spina-bifita, and persons in wheelchairs. They permanently ban people for bringing people in wheelchairs into their bar and restaurant. They ban and refuse service to all guys that are single and that don't have a woman present with them. They even ban people and refuse to serve them for voting Democrat! Their rules are, if they find out you are not Republican and they suspect that you voted for someone other than Donald Trump in the November 2020 election, you're banned from the Pickle n Pub, no exceptions. No friendships between customers and the bartenders allowed, either, per the owners' rules. They even get reviews taken down mentioning their behaviors and their rules like they're from Pyongyang (the capital of North Korea) and have brought North Korea's Juche philosophy and the laws of Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, and Kim Jong-Un (the entire Kim Dynasty in other words) to the United States of America.

That Pickle n Pub and it's crew has no right to be in Florida and belongs even back in DeKalb County, Illinois, or even Toronto, Canada, where the entire community matches their personalities. From the way they object to reviewers telling the world what their rules are and what is prohibited at the Pickle n Pub, I even wonder if they'd do a better business in Pyongyang. In Pyongyang (the capital of North Korea), any kind of review describing a bad experience and/or that reveals an establishment's rules and regulations is in fact considered treason and is grounds for public execution.
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