Something MGTOW and 'Woke' Movements have in common

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Something MGTOW and 'Woke' Movements have in common

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I think this is something the MGTOW and some of the WOKE people have in common-- not valuing resilience and mental strength.

Piers Morgan is kind of left wing, and several years ago, I would have thought of him as on the opposite end of the political/social spectrum from myself. But since the left wing has gotten so extremist, and Piers Morgan boldly confronts the woke mob and is against some of the trans madness, he seems a bit more in the center. The left edge is gone.

In this clip, he talks about how so many people do not value mental strength and overcoming hardship. I think some of our resident 'black pill' folks like @Mercer, @Mercury and @Mew6ix might benefit from hearing this:

I saw that little segment before the next divider on the red line there on YouTube. I can't speak for the rest of it.

'Woke' people tend to whine and complain and want to cancel when someone says something against sexual perversion or makes a comment or joke about the way women are. As if they are too weak to stand a comment they don't agree with. Some of the 'black pill' MGTOW folks want to give up, exagerrate how bad everything is, just because they haven't yet found a woman or whatever other thing they are looking for. If you haven't found a woman yet, that doesn't mean you shouldn't toughen up, endure, and keep on moving forward.
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