First loss of interest in American women

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Grunt wrote: Then I took a trip to Ecuador in 1997 and that pretty much torched any glimmer of home of me hooking up with an American female.

I'm curious about your experience in Ecuador. I've considered spending a lot of time there because cities in the Andes, such as Quito and Cuenca, have a virtually perfect climate, the cost of living is extremely low, and they use the dollar. I haven't visited there, though, and am trying to get a sense of what the women are like. My impression is that there are a lot of indigenous. and the look isn't a particularly attractive one. How did they strike your eye?

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Post by dreamer82 »

For me it was in high school. I got a job bussing tables in a Chinese restaurant. I can't put my finger on it but very few white woman attract me and probably me to them.
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!9, first West Pac in the Navy. Stopped over in Phuket, Thialand. I literally had to fight the women off of me and run away from them. It was crazy. Bar whores all over me wanting to have sex with me, for free even! Never in a million years did I think that was possible. I was still a wuss then but after a few other trips I became a pro. Being in your 20's in Thailand the women are all over you cause usually they only are with guys over 40 and out of shape. So I was indoctrinated quite young but it took another 10 years before I would actually escape the American matrix...

But Thailand f***ed up my brain and sexual preference so the drawback to that experience is I became a perpetual whore monger, and I still am for the most part. Although I have tapered off a bit for now because of family and work obligations.

I'n not sure if I am damaged for life. Not sure if I can ever be in a real relationship with a normal women. Oh well.
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Ecuador was interesting but can not compare to Brazil or even Argentina.
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