Why do many Asian American women hate Asian men?

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I recommend reading the book "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" by Ruth Benedict. The book is somewhat biased, but its ideas shaped US policy toward post-WW2 Japan, and more recently, the Chinese translated version is making rounds in China's academic circles, which may influence Sino-Japan policy and relations.

As for this thread, I'd point out that one of the benefits of living in the US is the numerous immigrant groups from across the world, and their pretty daughters. A Taiwanese American in an US college could meet and possibly date girls from Turkey to Thailand. However, individual results may vary as not everyone is suitable to be a social butterfly. If you're a negative, judgmental person who always want to find fault in others and criticize about something, you won't make a good chameleon.

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Re: Why many Asian-American women hate Asian men

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kai1275 wrote: Well said! Yeah the Japanese never got a chance to read Nicolo Machiavelli's books... Hence never learning the value of cultural warfare. But perhaps maybe their fixation on purity, would have never saw any value in it. You could even play devils advocate and posit that maybe cultural warfare like that is never good, because the British these days seem to not like all these non-anglo British people in the UK, as well as loss of true British identity. Maybe only places like the UK, Italy/Rome, has always had multiple types of people living around them, where as the Japanese were isolated for a very long time and have no idea how to live with different kinds of people.
The Brits were big on exploitative mercantilism. They had a whole system set up for extraction of resources from foreign colonies to be processed as industrialized goods in Britain. Then the finished products were sold at massive profits by British corporations to other Europeans and (ironically) their own colonies. The brilliance of this system is that all the skilled labor and corporate enterprise takes place in Britain.

You can't run a system like this by driving the population of your resource harvesting colonies into the ground..ie. you don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Where the Brits screwed up is that they figured they could maintain a tiered class system and keep colonies under the royal yoke indefinitely without consideration of humanity's inclination to eventually shrug off the yoke. Plus global industrialization means better health, education, technology, and (most importantly) military goods that become widely available to a large number of people. With increasing education and awareness of the modern age you eventually get the turning point where the colonies are unsustainable because the population realizes it's getting screwed. Now with the population of former colonies aware of the past and educated (again ironically) to British standards they in turn figure out how to game the system. So the chickens are now coming home to roost in more ways than one in the U.K. :lol:

On the other hand the Japanese were like the Nazis in that they believed in eventually depopulating areas and repopulating them with their own flesh and blood from the motherland. It basically fits into the whole Japanese and Nazi mindset of "purity" of a population and liebensraum. It's pretty evil. The big "problem" that has always plagued Germany and Japan was the perception of not having enough living space to expand. This is especially true for Japan where only 30% of their country is actually inhabitable real estate.
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Most of the more recent immigrants from Vietnam aren't willing to marry whites. They're pretty much insular and prefer to marry other Vietnamese, but other Asians are fair game.

Asian-American women are no different than White American women.
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steezyy wrote:From my experience, many Asian American females that say they're exclusively attracted to white men get wet as soon as they spot a decently masculine asian male..
Yeah, that's true! I know some Asian females that used to only date non-Asians, until they met and married attractive, masculine Asian men.

But isn't it abnormal how self-hating Asian American/Western females can be? Even Asian females in Asia, can be very hypergamous as their Asian American counterparts.

Asian females procreate and miscegenate at higher rates than any other race-of-females on the planet? Why?
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