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Posted: September 10th, 2014, 4:31 pm
by ladislav
You know, I always like to have the last word, but this time, you are right. It's all about being able to get resources such as money, sex, admiration, etc., and what they call you only matters if what you represent deprives you of its supply. This is why words such as Kiwi- Gosh who would want to be called by the name of an ugly, wingless, stooped down bird?- is not a slur word. Same with "Yank". It won't stop the puh as you said.

Having said all that, those Asian countries do need to catch up. Can you imagine China becoming a superpower and they would come and run around shouting gweilo, gweilo? The Japanese already shouted Giajin da in the US in the 1980ies.

They should be given some seminars before being allowed into the West.