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Why Asians Love America So Much

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Why Asians Love America So Much

Post by Krakenguard »

First, let me specify what I mean by the word "Asian." "Asian" as used here is used to identify or describe people from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, some parts of China and some parts of India as well as those countries/regions themselves. The way I see it, the attraction that Asians have towards America boils down to two main factors.

1. America is extremely authoritarian like the Asian countries/regions are. Worship of authority is a major part of American culture. Thus, Asian feel "at home" in America.

2. Asians buy into the false portrayal of "freedom" put out by the American corporate media. Thus, Asians believe that American authoritarianism somehow results in more freedom.

All of this really hits home when you try to talk to Asian-Americans about politics. They will just keep spewing out shallow talking points that they heard from the corporate media.

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