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InterRacial Bigotry

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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InterRacial Bigotry

Post by Starry »

Gradually over years, I have observed individual instances of interracial bigotry, particularly against Philippine people by Chinese and I wonder what it means.

More specifically, I have

1) personally encountered or known incidents where someone of Chinese or S Korean background would express feelings of superiority over Philippine food, culture, or people.
2) read countless demeaning, degrading and hostile comments online including on this website towards Philippine people, particularly appearance wise and attribute any beauty to the non Philippine mixture.

I see this sense of superiority and downright hostility to resemble those of white supremacists. Some accomplished E Asian people in the media Do E Asians like to point out the difference between E Asians and SE Asians, but I can list accomplishments of SE Asians, no problem. Do E Asians aspire to be like white supremancists?

White Americans were at once culturally fragmented but now they are more group oriented except for the bigotry towards Jewish people. I think Irish Americans and Italian Americans would socialize whereas I don't recall E Asians intermingling with SE or S Asians very often.

Should it be recognized that Asians as a racial and political group lack solidarity and therefore should SE Asians in the U.S. and abroad stop admiring or cheering celebrities that don't belong to their group, avoid supporting films and political campaigns of anyone other from than their own group, and so on?

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Re: InterRacial Bigotry

Post by Yohan »

Starry wrote:
September 25th, 2018, 5:42 am
Gradually over years, I have observed individual instances of interracial bigotry, particularly against Philippine people by Chinese and I wonder what it means.
Not sure what you mean with this comment. Maybe you mix up 'race' with 'ethnicity' or even with citizenship.

There are many people of Chinese origin living in Philippines and they are holding Philippine citizenship.

I would not compare however Filipino/Chinese in the Philippines with for example black and white people in USA.

Philippine people and Chinese people belong to the same - yellow - race = discriminating because of different ethnicity, this has nothing to do with 'race'

However in USA there is an endless discussion going on about race discrimination - black and white people are of different race of course.


About myself, I am from Europe, living most of my life in Asia - and different race and ethnicity means nothing to me.
I am for sure a person without 'interracial bigotry'.

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Re: InterRacial Bigotry

Post by MrMan »

I knew a Japanese man married to a Filippina who seemed to think Japanese were superior to Filippinos. The Japanese must have had some strong sense of racial superiority during WWII. Now, South Koreans have advanced and maybe some of them think they are superior to Filippinos. There is a difference in skin color, for most of them. They look a bit different. China has also advanced, and Han is the biggest race there. I wonder if there is a lot of racism toward other Chinese ethnic minorities.

Some of the Chinese in Indonesia are against interracial marriage. And there are Chinese who seem to think of themselves as superior. Other Chinese intermarry with the local population, but the kids aren't Chinese anymore. Many of the peoplegroups in Indonesia accept you as a member if your father or mother was from the tribe, depending on whether the group is patriarchal or matriarchal. Batak follows the father. I think Javanese does, too. Minangkabau follows the matriarchal lineage.

Americans have been taught and indoctrinated for a couple of generations now not to have racial bigotry. That is not always the case in other countries.

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Re: InterRacial Bigotry

Post by rabbithabit »

in taiwan filipina girls are sought second only to caucasian men. i have not experienced any local dislike or discrimination by local men. quite the opposite filipina girls are more popular than local taiwanese girls. guys say we are more shapely and loveable than most breeds
Cute Rabbit

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Re: InterRacial Bigotry

Post by zboy1 »

Good topic, Starry.

Being East Asian, I would have to say, yes, there is a bigotry towards SE Asians from NE Asians, in general. This may have to do with the fact that many Filipinos' go abroad to work as maids or other low-status jobs. A lot also had to due with skin color, as Flips are darker skinned than most East Asians.

In the U.S., though, I noticed Filipinos liked representing themselves as more 'Western' and less 'Eastern.' They didn't like to see themselves as Asians, maybe due to the fact that East Asians are often treated as shit and ridiculed by popular media in the States.

I had a Filipina girlfriend before, and have visited the country three times, usually to see my ex or to see Winston there. Overall, I like the country a lot, except for the food, which is terrible. My ex was sweet too, but she had some family and mental issues, which became too difficult for me to deal with.

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