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Posted: September 17th, 2013, 9:48 pm
by Winston
That Claire Sinclair girl is bullshitting when she says that it's all about a guy's confidence and not looks. Yeah right. Typical whitewash and claptrap. Totally useless. Since she works with PUA bootcamps, she's not an objective source either.

Posted: September 18th, 2013, 11:31 am
by bob123
Winston wrote:That Claire Sinclair girl is bullshitting when she says that it's all about a guy's confidence and not looks. Yeah right. Typical whitewash and claptrap. Totally useless. Since she works with PUA bootcamps, she's not an objective source either.
I think a guy with a lot of confidence and a fun personality with average looks; can do better with a dumb jock who can't speak.

It depends on the girl, but if a guy is charming and huge confidence in his interaction with women; a girl will become compliant and enjoy being dominated by a strong personality. Especially since most white girls have never met a socially confident well-spoken asian guy, it will be very surprising to her and she will be impressed.

As far as having an LTR, there are many factors that come into play, including shared interests, that can sustain a relationship over many years.

The key is to not fall into an academic/brainy/nerdy way of speaking. Asians have to learn how to flirt, charm, and be seductive and sensual.

Posted: April 26th, 2014, 3:44 am
by Winston
Check out this email that one of JT Tran's staff members sent me. What do you think? Do you believe that his company, ABC's of Attraction, really has some trick or secret that will help Asian men in the dating scene? lol
Form details below.
Full Name: Alice
Message: Hey there!

I’m writing you today because I think you and I are both on the same page: we’re sick and tired of the way Asian men are portrayed in such a stereotypical manner by Western media, and we’re ready to see an era of change in which they become social equals.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there was recently a study conducted by OK Cupid that determined Asian men have some of the most abysmally low chances with online dating websites in comparison to men of other races. Specifically, Asian men had a response rate from women of 22.2% and white men had a response rate of 29.2%. This may not seem like much of a difference at first, but often it means that Asian men will go weeks with only one or two responses from women and a lot of dead ends.

I was determined to find out why this happened, and after running a few female and male profiles I found out that not only were Asian men holding back from contacting women who didn’t have an explicitly stated racial preference for Asian men, but there were also a few things the Asian men could do that would close the success gap between them and men of other races. We even found out how to beat the gap and give Asian men better results than men of any other race – up to a phenomenal 40% response rate!

For the past year my employer (JT Tran) and I have been putting together the research we found and assembling a product that will help Asian men everywhere learn how to achieve the same results in just a few minutes of work a day. Because you’re a highly respected person fighting for social change in favor of Asian men, we want to invite you to be a part of this.

Before JT formally releases Online Dating Secrets for Asian Men, he’s inviting social activists in the Asian community to become affiliates for the sale of the product. If you have a Clickbank account, you can become an affiliate and receive commission on any and all sales made through your links. You can promote them any way you wish, be it on Twitter, Facebook, a blog, or your website, to grow your audience and increase your affiliate sales; we offer 50% commission and infinite positive karma for helping the Asian community on every sale made.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested, please let me know and I’ll give you more details, as well as the affiliate information.

Enjoy your day and continue fighting for social change, Asian equality, and Asian male empowerment!

Thanks, Alice

Posted: April 26th, 2014, 9:45 am
by publicduende

This guy JT Tran looks, sounds and acts every bit as a fraudster. He is chubby, average looking at best, has a lisp and what he says is the usual mix of common sense and BS. I met Filipino men in Davao and Manila with 10x more chances to score good in a Western country.

If Asian college kids with more money than dating guts have no better ways to feel better about themselves than spend $3500 to listen to a clown giving motivational speech with the assistance of a paid-per-hour cutie, not my problem. Yet, it's just another sign that, the moment one walks in the US of A, no matter his race and social status, they become prisoner of the Great Narrative: success, money, hot girls, peer acceptance through all the above, etc.

Another facet of the same die, if you ask me.

Posted: July 28th, 2014, 4:12 pm
by bob123
Things are changing as China and Asia open up both economically and politically. The media is more interested in China and Chinese is being taught in high schools. There will always be some degree of racism or nativism in the US but I think most women would be willing to give an asian guy 5 minutes. Its not easy, especially if women want a guy who looks like brad pitt. I think that Americanized asian guys do better with white women primarily because they care more about their looks, that means dressing better, having cooler hairstyles, and most importantly speaking english clearly. Its not necessarily about talking to 100's of women, but being comfortable and relaxed around women. This is called "practice makes perfect." If you have never talked to a white woman before, then it might take several attempts to feel relaxed, comfortable, and self-confident.

Another thing that has changed in America is that they are becoming less religious, which means white women are no longer looking for WASPy males. White women are no longer Christians who only want to marry Christians, but instead are becoming more atheist and non-religious. This is beneficial to Asians who are seen as non-Christian, atheist, and non-religious. Even decades ago, white Christian women only wanted to marry other Christian men, presumably meeting a nice guy at church that her parents and pastor would approve of. This is called "Cultural Compatibility" and having similar values and expectations. For instance, many atheist Jewish men have married non-Christian asian women, because there is too many differences when a Jewish guy tries to marry a Christian girl (who doesn't want to raise her child in the Jewish faith), but an Asian girl would be more compliant in raising her child in judaism. Additionally, many jewish people spend christmas at chinese restaurants and have positive opinions of chinese people and chinese culture. That can partially explain why many Jewish girls are open-minded in dating Asian men.

Now, I haven't seen any studies, but I would presume that Catholic Asian men would also have better luck dating Catholic girls who are irish, italian, or hispanic. Marriage is not just a commitment of desire, but a commitment to a religion and lifestyle.

There are also specific type of women who like Asian guys: Girls who like Asian food, asian culture, have traveled to asia and have learned asian languages; girls who may be shy and have 'beta personalities' and can be dominated by an alpha asian male; goth girls, hippie girls, liberal activists, open-minded artsy girls, atheists, agnostics, jewish girls; short girls and tall girls who feel ignored, chubby girls, redheads who feel ignored; non-christians; european white women; non-American girls; divorced single moms and cougars; career women and geeky smart girls.

Posted: September 27th, 2014, 6:29 am
by matthewcoury
that PUA stuff and learning social skills to overcome anxiety of talking with people in normal conversation is the biggest bunch of BS in the world.....all pickup stuff doesnt even exist in other countries cause theres no market for it......only in america is talking to a girl in a conversation considered something to have anxiety about.....if you think about it for most of us at age 10 even 12 it was a natural part of life........then as we got older girls changed and decided they didnt wanna have anything to do with us anymore.........i have a feeling that most guys are like me now...they have been so shut down by women in america they dont even try to meet women who are strangers in random places anymore........when i was in my early twenties a few years ago it was bad.....but it has progressively gotten worse, to the point where you can go to the bar and you will not even see guys trying to talk to women is a shame that women have become so bitchy they are virtually unapproachable

Posted: September 27th, 2014, 7:12 am
by jamesbond
matthewcoury wrote:but it has progressively gotten worse, to the point where you can go to the bar and you will not even see guys trying to talk to women is a shame that women have become so bitchy they are virtually unapproachable.
How true! American women are so standoffish that they don't even go to bars or clubs anymore to meet men, they only go there to hang out with their friends. :shock:

They love to reject guys and get some sort of excitement from doing it. No wonder why MGTOW has become so popular throughout the western hemisphere.

Posted: September 27th, 2014, 9:09 am
by KokujinKrusader
publicduende wrote:Image

This guy JT Tran looks, sounds and acts every bit as a fraudster. He is chubby, average looking at best, has a lisp and what he says is the usual mix of common sense and BS.
If a guy like this could legitimately succeed with women on a regular basis, then that would be inspirational. Seeing tall, decent/good-looking (no homo) white guys succeed when you do not meet those physical specifications that are the real keys to their success is not inspirational at all.

Posted: September 27th, 2014, 11:40 am
by RickyRetardo
The "confidence" meme is both false (generally speaking) and frustrating, to those who can't accept dissonance between what they are told and what they actually see and feel.

When you are evaluating whether you find a woman attractive, how much does her "confidence" matter? Not all that much, right? At least, not beyond a certain point.

A cautious, modest woman with a beautiful face and a nice figure who has some self-doubt is a lot more attractive than a cocky, overconfident woman who isn't very good looking. There's no contest. I don't think women are that different. Women generally like attractive men, just like men generally like attractive women. They aren't wrong to feel this way; it makes perfect sense. Many of us like physical beauty. It's a natural human inclination.

An excess of confidence is not necessarily a good thing. There are tons of bad things that can happy to people who are too confident. More confidence is not necessarily better. An excess of confidence that isn't based in reality puts people in danger.

If you are a rational person, you get genuine confidence from knowledge that what you are doing is the correct thing to do. If you pump yourself up with "confidence" that doesn't come from actual, tangible knowledge and real strength, you're really just lying to yourself. You're tricking yourself and being fake.

There are tribes in Africa smart enough to realize this. Many of these tribes do NOT appreciate an excess of confidence in their men--in fact, when a !Kung man hunts a buffalo, everyone in the tribe will say that it wasn't a good buffalo--that it was too small, that it has no flesh, that it's all bones and he wasted his time. They don't really mean this, but the point is that they are trying to PREVENT him from becoming too confident, because when you are living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, an excess of confidence will kill you. If the hunter is smart enough, he will know that the tribe is just reminding him to never get cocky--they're doing him a favor. In his own mind, he will know whether the buffalo was adequate or not to feed the tribe.

"PUA"s will deny it to kingdom come, because their business model relies on selling people the idea that confidence is something that you should trick yourself into having, rather than something that will come to you if you earn it through actually becoming stronger, wiser, and better-looking, through real, tangible means. If you are a rational person, confidence will come to you when you should be confident, and if you lack confidence, that's a sign that you need to change something, because your brain is telling you that you shouldn't be confident as you might be making some mistakes.

Rather than wasting time with PUA nonsense, I think a man who wants attention from attractive women should focus on making himself smarter, stronger, and better-looking. Put down all the self-help positive thinking psychobabble and get to work on something real.

Re: JT Tran, Asian PUA Guru: What a Scam and Ripoff!

Posted: December 4th, 2014, 4:18 pm
by bob123
Its not "confidence" that asian men lack. Its more about having effective communication skills and speaking English well. Its about being able to speak seductively and charmingly. Its about being bold, cocky, and funny. Women don't want the boring, nerdy, wall-flowers. Women are attracted to the "well-spoken, center of attention." If you can't talk to women other than saying "hello" or "will you go out with me" without building up attraction and a connection. Also, women take weeks/months to warm up to men. Its up to the man to put in some effort to woo and charm a woman. Bar game is also predicated on being in "alpha mode" and "superficial traits." Its a lot easier to talk to girls during the Day with Day Game or through Social circle game. If you are a FOB or 2nd generation who can't speak English, then you will never get laid.

Re: JT Tran, Asian PUA Guru: What a Scam and Ripoff!

Posted: December 4th, 2014, 8:08 pm
by lasttry
Upon what evidence or logic do you base the above assertions? Put yourself in the place of the woman.

All these men approaching and she has to choose which one to spend the night with. First thing she will do is screen based on hygiene, because sex with a guy who has bad breath, or doesn't bathe is plain disgusting. Next she will probably try to weed out the psychos and other potential troublemakers, unless she is looking for thrills. Note that it isn't just women who take risks for the sake of adrenaline surges--who do you think does most of the really dangerous sports like rock climbing without ropes, men or women? But the bad-boy phenomenon for the sake of thrills is overstated. If all the women you see are chasing bad boys who treat them rough, then you are focusing on a narrow subset of women. Most women do NOT want troublemakers.

Then she will screen for men who make for good company, because she is going to have to spend time with the guy before and after sex. This is why I don't understand the objection to the friend-zone. Guys who are friends with lots of women are often the guys who really kill it sexually. When I was living in san Francisco, my girlfriend at the time told me about a guy named "Peach" (he only had one name, not a first and last name), who dressed in pink shirts and white pants like a flaming faggot and talked in a faggoty voice and worked in the fashion industry. He was always surrounded by beautiful women, many of them married but bored (and when I say beautiful women, I'm talking 10's here, the trophy wives of the San Francisco ruling class, the cream de la creme of American blonde-hair blue-eye beauties), and having lots of sex with these women as well. Or think of Justin Bieber, who looks like a woman. In fact, one theory as to why heterosexual men hate homosexuals is that they know that the women prefer gay-acting men for sex, and that the women will cheat on their heterosexual husbands with their gay-acting men friends if they can. Being friends with lots of women is actually a great way to eventually have sex with lots of women.

Anyway, the woman next screens for bedroom skills, because sex is a big investment for her. She has to get dressed up, go out to the bar, spend time there deciding which man to go with, take the man home, have sex, perhaps spend the night with him afterwards. If all she gets for that is a guy who is impotent or prematurely ejaculates, then why bother? This is the real issue with the "boring, nerdy, wall-flowers". They look like they're lousy in bed. "bold, cocky, and funny" is not necessarily much better. What really works is the vibe that gay-acting "Peach" guy gave off--someone who knows how to handle a woman's body, enjoys sex, uninhibited, unjudgmental, etc.

I'm just making the above up as I go, so I may have missed a few steps, but you get the idea. If you want to attract women who are open to sex (not all women are), then you have to show the woman you can offer good sex. "Confidence" in itself doesn't mean squat if it is misplaced confidence. Lots of men think they are great at everything they do, including sex, but as soon as they kiss a woman she knows they are lousy in bed, so their confidence now turns against them--because it means the man will never take instruction from the woman on how to kiss her the way she wants to be kissed. Certain types of meekness can be very appealing, because then the woman knows she can mold the man to please her exactly the way she wants it. I won't say meekness always works, but it can under the right circumstances.

Like I said, put yourself in the place of the woman to figure out what works with them. But remember that a lot of women have little sex drive and only want attention, not sex, so nothing you can do will turn them on sexually. Men who want sex will just have to resign themselves to wasting much of their time on duds like this--there is no way to easily detect or avoid them in favor of the women who do want sex.

Re: JT Tran, Asian PUA Guru: What a Scam and Ripoff!

Posted: December 4th, 2014, 8:45 pm
by bob123
Well acting friendly and flaming is a good way to talk to and earn a woman's trust. That comes with having communication skills and the ability to speak clearly. Asian men may be great at Math, but how many take the time to develop their verbal skills and oral presentation? Asian men can be engineers, but how many are poets, writers, actors, and other communication professions? Asian men fail when they are meek and mute, and scared of talking to women or being awkward and saying weird things. When you learn communication skills, and be the "gay best friend" then that is taking the right steps to land a girlfriend.