To Rock: Rarity of Asians criticizing Asian culture

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To Rock: Rarity of Asians criticizing Asian culture

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I've been searching for a post of yours long ago but can't find it. It's where you said that I wasn't unique in being the only Asian to criticize Asian culture in writing.

I wanted to respond to that, but since I can't find it, I'll just respond to it here.

Anyway, I think you missed the point. I might not be the only Asian to criticize Asian culture. But you can't deny that it is very RARE and UNUSUAL for an Asian to write critical articles about Asian culture.

I mean, how many do you know personally other than me?

Other people even tell me that it is rare and unusual for an Asian to write my observations about Asian culture.

But I am not talking about criticizing economic issues, like most people do. I am talking about stuff in the mentality and culture, such as the closed inhibited antisocial nature to strangers, etc. Like that Swiss article did. People just don't say things like that. It's too taboo.

Articles about countries are usually about jobs, industries and the economy. Not about how closed or open people are.

You can't deny that.

Show me some articles by other Asians that criticize social things in Asia, not economic things.

Either way, you can't deny that it's rare and unusual, which was my main point.
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