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Post by have2fly »

CheezeRaider wrote:I’ve visited several Russian state universities and witnessed many Asians men dating Russian women. I am here now, and talking to many honest quality good girls and I have no problem. I’m not interested in flirting or one night stand and they are offering their numbers, and wanting to introduce me to their girlfriends if the girls in question already have a boyfriend.

Since Winston wants to be an idiot again, the club ratio I was stating was to imply the girls were at the clubs alone, by themselves, because most of them did NOT have boyfriends. Not once have you ever admitted, perhaps you were doing something wrong or didn’t have the right attitude. You always blame others for your short coming.
Don’t misdirect the reader by questioning whether I’m Asian or not. This isn’t about you, the only one Winston whose sole experience in Russia as the mater expert. And neither is message writing for you. It’s for the other readers so they can benefit. As I said on the OP, I don’t wanna hear your excuses.

To the readers, I am here now. I didn’t come to Russia to sex monger, nor to find a wife, but to understand and to witness the truth about Russia. In SOCIAL LIFE, it truly is greener pasture here. Yes Russia has many problems, but if you want a healthy social life this place is it. There are cons here, such as its minus 37 C, and many of the infrastructures are 30 years in need of upgrade, but there are spots popping up all over the place with modern amenities. They are making slow progress because many of the people here are now learning about what real entrepreneur is. The economy here is nothing like the West. You’ll have to forget what you think you know of Russia and learn to understand why they do what they do with open mind. It’s a bit of the wild wild west feeling here, but it works for them. You’ll have to weigh the balance of pros and cons for yourself.

I am told by many local Russians the Moscow and SP isn’t Russia. So stay away from these cities. Go south or east, it’s there you’ll find the Russian soul thing Ladislav often talks about in his many writings. This brotherly feeling he often tries to explain, but seems to fall deft ears. I am beginning to understand what he means now. These people are not superficial. They say want they mean and don’t BS. They have no concept of PC from my observation.

I’ve been leap frogging from Hotels to Hostels, and I recommend skipping hotels unless the city in question doesn’t have a Hostels. Hotels are boring because your in a room by yourself, but at the hostels, you can meet interesting people.

Funny enough, in the Hostel I’m currently in there is a South Korean man who have been coming and going from all the FSU countries since 1997. Until just last night he was juggling 2 Russian girls, both 27 years old. He was sharing his experience with us at the hostels about the dates they just came from load. He was telling me race and age don’t mean shit mean shit to many of these girls. The preference they write are because they simply never thought much about it, But once you start to talk to them and speak to their soul, the open up. He said he actually took Russian language course in Russia many years ago, ( what I got out of it was, learn Russian and your dating pool will expand geometrically) What stood out most was that he also said Moscow and SP isn’t Russia and to avoid these cities.

Another guy at the hostels is Dutch from Holland, his been here for 3 months studying Russian martial arts. His study also lead him to learn the language and his been my guide at times. He is also juggling several women from Yekaterinburg. He also says the samething about Moscow and SP. But in his finding, his not getting laid either, he gets many dates, even tons of flirting. So let me paraphrase what information he shared with me and as I experiences little bit myself.

‘Good girls do not sleep around, they know finding a good guy is hard and giving out the putty lessens their value. They’ll flirt and date, but that’s it. Now if you are serious about the relationship, you have a strong chance of homerun, but you need to prove you’re serious. In addition, those foriengers who chose to stay are treated as a local boy in a good way.

But for foreigners like us, it’s extra hard. They know we’ll be leaving soon, so they won’t take us seriously. Good girls are looking for relationship, not a one night fling.’
Yes you can find sluts, but you’ll be P4P one way or another. If you’re looking for a wife, Russia is it. If you’re looking to monger, f***ing go to Thailand or visit Nevada, it’s cheaper in the long run.

As for me, I got lucky and made friends with quality girl in another city and as I keep moving west every so many days until my visa expires, they try to introduce me to their friends in the new city as my guide, if they have contacts. Even if they have boyfriends, they have tons of girlfriends who are single and I get introduced and get another guide in the city.

There is a difference in kissing ass and being respectful and being a gentlemen. If you behave as the later, they will open up to you.

I will leave this with you for now. I am here NOW in country. I’m here to speak the truth and to encourage you so you can go forth and discover the truth as I have. Or you can believe the individual who won’t even take responsibility for his son who he brought to this world. Complain about his life instead of doing something about it. Yet he would fear monger you into not doing something because he wasn’t successful. But I hope you’ll make up your own mind as a man should, as we were always meant to as a man. And go forth to live the life you make for yourself. You decide.

And one other thing, life in Russia isn’t so miserable that any girl would want to leave their family. Those days in Russia are over. You’ll find some, but GENERALLY, these good girls would rather find a local boy and stay here with her beloved family. Let’s be honest here, isn’t this the kind of girl you want to find? Girl who is family orientated. Thank about that. And as I mentioned earlier, you have to speak to her soul and winner her heart. If not you’ll end up with a GCG (green card girl). Don’t think with your dick gents. Use your head and heart!

And no Winston, I'm not drunk this time.

Part rambling and part Live from Russia, signing out for the night as I got a date to go))).
Very nice observations! You are starting to understand that "Russian soul" that Americans have no clue about! I've seen similar concept in French people, also surprisingly very similar culture in many ways, but Russia and FSU have many differences and it is much deeper than Americans see it, even on this site there is basically one teaching: "be a man, you should use your woman, she should not use you". Well, for Russians/FSU this is viewed as a recipe for disaster. How can you build a relationship based on mistrust? It's not America anymore! There are genuine Russian girls that actually believe in love and dream about a caring guy, some state on their profile that they "DON'T want a rich man", but rather a guy who cares about them! Now, it could be a lot of BS, but American girls NEVER EVER write anything close to it!

Great advice! Just buy a ticket and go. If not Russia, go to Kazakhstan, it should be very developed with many Asian-looking Russian-speaking girls.

I bet your life is now changed forever! People that had never left America change forever once they spend a few months in Russia. Whole new way of thinking and doing things opens up.

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Post by djfourmoney »

Billy wrote:
What's wrong with Siberia?

Everything except the girls. Take a chick and GTFO from the Gulag. f***ing cold there, dude.

I don´t want to marry, so we have different goals.

Immauel Kant said: When I was young I needed woman but I had not enough money for them. Now as I am old I don´t need women but I have money.
If you don't wanna get married, then go to P.I or Mexico anywhere your money goes far. That way you can bang all the women you want for a small fee. Stay unmarried, unencumbered and all that.

Problem is, who is going to want to change your catheter when your 80? Some nurse who likely doesn't give a f**k about you.
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Post by djfourmoney »

I look at it like this...

Russia is now not thought of very much in the MOB market where 99% of men are looking. They are thinking Ukraine, maybe Moldova, or one of the 'Stans since the visa fee is minimal.

Russia is total DIY now, unless you contact Eduard or Jack Bragg.


I am really wondering about the people that aren't looking for a wife and just going to have "good time" going to countries where 80-90% of the of the women want long term relationships.

Sorry but I don't condone lying to women to get into their panties and that is what most of you are doing.

There enough problems for single men without a bunch of dunces not wanting any commitments because for some strange reasons they are victims of divorce (parents or themselves), you need to sort these issues out and clear your minds.

Marriage is not a bad idea, horrible outdated concept or any of the negative junk. Stop making mistakes with the women you picked based on crap that has no bearing on your relationship. Don't date women with clear mental issues, most of these things are easy to detect if you're paying attention.

You don't wanna get married, go to a cheap country where your money goes far and retire, though around 70-80 you won't prove popular anymore.

Don't want children? Easy, find a woman that can't have children, I seem to run into those more often than not.

I know this site harbors alternative thinking and I agree with that, its just I find the reasons most people don't want children or marriage based on not so much selfish reasons but childish reasons.

(((Rant Over)))

Cheese it right however, be honest with your intentions and most women outside of the major cities are looking for long term relationships. I'd even stay in Russia, Ukraine, whatever at least for a little while. To me having a woman that loves me is vastly more important than where I am located.
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Re: Reporting live from Russia

Post by odbo »

CheezeRaider wrote:Started with vladidivostoc after taking the ferry from donghae south Korea, stopped in krysnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, and now in Yekaterinburg. Heading to novo grad in few days
Any pictures? Eastern Russia is appealing because it's northeast Asia without the uptight, overcrowded society. Or maybe it's the pacific northwest without the silent Scandinavian type culture which gives Logic Junkie, Winston and me the creeps. Also it's under-reported unlike European side.
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Post by CheezeRaider »

I do have pictures, but mostly from the train ride I was for 4 1/4 from vladivostok to Krasnoyarsk, most of my picutures started from Krasnoyarsk for city pictures. I will post some when I download from my camera. 64gig memory chip isn't even filled 3% from all the picture taking.

incedently, never meet a girl at a club in Russia, very small fraction of a percent of them are prostetutes. Do what I do and meet them outside of the clubs and then goto club with them. last night I was with 3 girls all right around 25 to 27. one was a university professor, and 2 of them were engineer. After spending some time with them, I was able to deduce our conversation, many foriegners in the past have done their damage. They are very careful of foriengers when they say they will come back to Russia. Many mongers must have lied to get laid and never come back.

Also, the club I went to were about 60% girls and 40% men. seem depending on what part of Russia/City not all ratio are the name. But Holy Be'Jesus, the club I went to were banging hot girls for the like I've never seen in that many numbers. Almost made me give up my temporary selabacy during my research. I was in heaven..... no whales in sight.

P.S. I suck ass in spelling and didnt have time to check it on Words.
I'll post some pic with in few days.
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Post by zboy1 »

Hey CheezeRaider, I have hard that Russian girls from the Far East are far more accepting of Asian men than on the European side of the country. Does that seem true in your journeys so far? It seems from your account--that it looks to be true.
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Post by ssjparris »

that is very good news to hear. sounds to me you are looking for a marriage minded woman. otherwise if you wanted some russian p***y then you would have to go to big cities like moscow or st. petersberg. the places where they say to be careful. personally i would choose those cities. As i am interested in that russian poon tang. if i ever wanted marriage then just go for small cities on the outskirts. :D
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Post by Dogboy86 »

Thank you for the report CheezeRaider. Its nice to see things through another view minus the "I'm Asian and can't score". Thanks again...
"Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity"!!!
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need pictures CheezeRaider!

Post by odbo »

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Post by Falcon »

Currently there are some massive anti-Putin protests going on in Russia. Keep in mind that all this is happening in the middle of the brutal Russian winter. CheezeRaider, are there any protests going on at where you are right now? ... sburg.html
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Post by chileanueva »

I just finished reading all of Winston's ridiculous exploits in Mother Russia. His tone and words are definitely of a naive teenage boy in a candy shop. Even though he went to Russia in his late 20s. He never saw so much p***y in his life. Poor Winnypooh Winston.

Russian women are the toughest ladies alive, dealing with drunk violent Russian men, polar bears, roaming gypsy hordes, the freezing tundra, lack of jobs, horrible food, whore sluts that give them a bad name. It's hard out there for a regular Russian lady.

Russia has a LONG way to go in terms of economic development. The reason the EU won't let them in because their violent and drunken mentality and culture is vastly different from rational European sensibilities. Russia is a wild place my friends from the environment to the women.
"Stop talking. Just Do It." - ME

"Treat women like shit because they are lying, manipulating, cheating whores." - ME
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Post by CheezeRaider »

zboy1’s question.
I only spent 4 hours at the train station in Vladivostok. I didn’t see anything. Although I did see a lot more Asian there then other parts of Siberia west of Krasnoyarsk. So I ask a Russian friend today and I will quote him

“I don’t know. But I hear many Russian who can Leave Khabarovsk have already left, and many of the women can't offered leave, are choosing to marry local Chinese men who are stable.â€￾

Next month after I get another tourist visa, I plan on spending about 3 weeks between Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. I’ll report more about it then.

Also, I’ve not mentioned anything about Racism so far, because I have not seen or been an object to one, nothing to report about it. From what I the Russian’s have told me is, they have some problems with the Stans people.

Ssjparris comment
It still maybe cheaper outside of Moscow if you looking for P4P. about starts about $30 and up. After leaving the club, I was asking my Russian friend as he was pointing out the prostitutes and he gave me some info. But would not tell me anymore, except to tell me “be careful of AIDSâ€￾

Falcon’s Questions.
I’ve not seen anything about Putin protest where I have been to. It’s more of Moscow issue and media blitz I think. I’ll be heading to Moscow in few days. I’ll report about it after I see what’s going on there.

I was hoping to avoid Moscow entirely, but I need to find out about Artic Ice Scuba Diving. And the dive center starts in Moscow for me. And my plane departs from Moscow.
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Post by CheezeRaider »

A bit of an insight I have developed about Russia. It’s a bit of fragmented in thought process, but I would still like to right about it.

On Official Census, man and women population ratio is pretty much even until 50’s+. So I started to ask question and kept my eyes open. I believe the Official stats are right. But there are more women then man aswell.

Here is my reason.

Many girls from the villages are leaving for the bigger cities to improve their lives. In addition, more girls are pursuing higher education than men. But not only that, many teenage boys are dropping out of high schools. So yet there are even numbers of ratio, but uneven number of ratio for marriageable men vs. women. Girls are leaving the dead end villages in droves while the boys are opting to stay and become drunks, druggie, and all around trouble maker, because of lack of opportunity for them. There is a social stigmatism for men working on sales. Physically easier jobs are giving to women. I asked my Russian friends as I visibly noticed them. So I think the boys who do not have higher education are looking for manual work, but there isn’t any in a dying village nor are there any available in the cities as the Stans people are willing to do them at cheaper price. That is where the Nationality problem arise, not Racism

The large disparity of numbers comes from the village girls fleeing the poverty stricken small villages. Which, btw is nothing more than village of anarchy! As there are no laws or mayors etc… So you have these girls who are able to get a sales job much easier than boys who can't find manual work. And end up with cities with larger population of girls, thousands of tiny villages all across Russia over run in sausage feast. (as a disclaimer. Not all villages are like that. Some of the oil villages have become a town with many opportunities, but village with no economic worth are abandoned by the Russian government).

So girls who want a family life must fight for the sable guy who’s willing to support his family and not become or is a drunk. It isn’t that there is few men of marriage minded, but per say, not enough. In statistic 10% difference is huge number. So if 1 guy out of 10 is not marriageable material that would leave millions of girls fighting for the other 9.
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Post by CheezeRaider »

So how the hell can an HTML idiots like me upload pictures. I'm a clicky click upload type of guy. Know nothing of the new coding language.

There must be an Idiot proof way of doing it, yes? Someone help out the noob please. or you get no pics.
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Post by ManInSiam »

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