Peru Trip Report Nov 2012 (The Philippines was far better)

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Thanks Steve

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For the Peru report. I knew a Peruvian woman where I worked once upon a time. Lots of guys thought she was pretty. She was, for a dark skinned girl (if your into that) and I don't mean Black. She had indigenous blood.

Anyway, Peru is a frequented spot by AFA for single tours but their roster tends to be so-so at best. I have found better looking women on other sites. Latin American Cupid being one of them. That is interesting that women didn't find you interesting as you walked around.

I think it takes longer than two weeks. I think you need to develop a routine in a country you're trying to court women. Its worked for many people, no reason to try it, it free. But you likely need a month or so to be noticed by somebody that would love to get to know you based on looks only.

You likely look like typical Caucasian to them and look "temporary" like if any woman took a flier on you, she would have to deal with the fact you would be going back to Europe or America in a few days.

How did the internet dating go? Continued contact when you returned home?

Oh I didn't forget about the interview either, I have some technical issues that I hope to have sorted by the end of this week. I'll keep you posted.
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Post by Falcon »

The Philippines would be far better than Latin America for guys like Steve Neese and Will N. Dowd, but for me, as a young Asian-American guy, Latin America is about the same as the Philippines in terms of how receptive the local women are to me.

Like Mguy, I find Latinas to be more aggressively flirty than Filipinas. On the other hand, the provincial Filipinas tend to giggle in groups if they like me. :P
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