Trip Report--S. Korea

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Re: Trip Report--S. Korea

Post by zboy1 »

Travelin Man wrote:Still waiting on those pictures Zboy1...
Will upload soon, hopefully...Been very busy lately.

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Re: Trip Report--S. Korea

Post by Yohan »

zboy1 wrote:I spent about a week in South Korea and, I must say, it's become a very clean, efficient and modern country.
Compared to China, the streets are cleaner, the food safer and more healthier, and the transportation system much more efficient. Also, the Internet speed in the country is amazing: much faster than the Slowwwwwwww...speed in China. And, no blocking of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook....
Koreans are also WAYYYYYYY more polite than Chinese people; it was a shock to see our well-behaved
Not to say there aren't any naturally attractive Korean females, but I didn't see as many as I would've liked. There were some pretty-hot Korean females, though, especially outside of Seoul.

I visited Seoul, for a couple of days and, found the women to be a bit arrogant and materialistic. That's not surprising considering how 'Western' the capital city is

But it still concerning to see how so many young Korean women are becoming more feminist and 'anti-male' than the older generations.
Nice to read you enjoy your trip and good for you to notice the difference between China and Korea. Cleanliness, censorship, behavior etc.

Women in Korea and in Japan are often very similar to each other - they are not especially beautiful Asian females, and if you live in such a crowded area like here in Tokyo, you will accustom to them and even not notice them anymore.

Yes, in South Korea is much more US-influence and much more Christianity and feminism than in Japan. Almost Western life-style, Korean men often bring foreign wives into their own country.

However so far, despite permanent US-presence after the Korean War, South Korean family law remains very conservative. Marriage is strongly protected. A wife might find herself in jail for cheating, parents rights are very much respected.
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Re: Trip Report--S. Korea

Post by Amaziah »

Sharing your experiences is very much necessary because most of the times its about the things that helps big time and also through a lot it can be all understand which is the most talked about way in it.
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Re: Trip Report--S. Korea

Post by Nami321 »

You are right Amaziah! Sharing experience is very much necessary. I am also share my Paris experience. I visited this destination with my few friends. It is the most populous city in France. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Tuileries Garden are the most tourist attraction. The Louvre museum is one of the largest museums in this city. It is the most visited art museum in the world. The museum opens August 10, 1793. The collection showcased 527 painting and 184 object of Art. It is very beautiful and big source for given the knowledge of everyone
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