Been in Peru for 4 months

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Re: Been in Peru for 4 months

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Nice trip report, we need more of this. I've met some nice Peruvian ladies on my travels.

I've been all over the world and never been robbed. My tips are:

*Be aware all the time.
*Look out for people following you - nervous thieves will track their targets for some time. Keep looking back at them and they will usually go.
*Bags are usually lost in slow moving crowds. Keep moving, even if you have to trample clueless idiots. Never let yourself get boxed in.
*Bring two credit cards and leave one in the hotel.
*Have an awareness of when you've walked into a sketchy area. Be very careful taking photos in these kinds of places.
*When you're out drinking, know when it's time to leave.

Oh, and don't let people in your home!

As for learning languages, just focus on one and put some effort into it like I am doing with Mandarin. You'll soon absorb the language if you go and live somewhere. I didn't make a concious effort to learn Spanish, but what I did learn is helping now I'm in Italy.

It shouldn't matter when it comes to ladies. I dated Chinese women who spoke no English at all.
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