Thailand Updates from Winston and Rock!

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Re: Thailand Updates from Winston and Rock!

Post by momopi »

Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea have emerged as budget travel destinations for Mainland Tourists. Unfortunately this means they tend to spend less money, which upsets the local governments that want higher-spending Chinese tourists like those going to France and Japan.

With current trade tensions between US and China, some Chinese investors are now going to Japan, and Chinese college students to Thailand. It's still a Wild West situation and there are many fly by night operations with questionable credibility -- but possibly an opportunity for those seeking employment as an instructor. ... ard-lesson
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Re: Thailand Updates from Winston and Rock!

Post by flowerthief00 »

^ Is Thailand considered a budget destination? I certainly thought so when I visited earlier this year. But this ranking of most expensive cities for expats places Bangkok fairly high up the list--nearly the same ranking as Honolulu! (where I live now) What's going on??

Even more troubling, my current gf who is from Thailand is frequently insisting that shit is more expensive over there than in Hawaii. This piece of electronics here or this bottle of wine there. I didn't think anything could be possibly be more expensive than it is in Hawaii, and mind you I live in a relatively expensive area of Oahu. So I'm somewhat confused.
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Thailand Updates from Winston and Rock

Post by JuliaTrush »

Hello All.

I am heading over to Thailand next month but not sure where to go. I want to experience the night life and perhaps try out a LB or two for the first time.

I cant decide between phuket and pattaya? Any suggestions what is the best. Also do I would like to stay in a really nice hotel. That doesnt mind "guests" if you know what I mean. Any suggestions for this.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Thailand Updates from Winston and Rock!

Post by xiongmao »

Thailand is over for Chinese tourists unless they weaken the Baht. Last year I got a 1 Baht for 5 RMB, this year it was 4.5 or something. Ouch.

I saw a Vietnamese durian stand in China this afternoon. I guess Chinese people can still get millions of Vietnamese money for their RMBs so maybe that's where they'll go next year.
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