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European Trip Report

Post by NorthAmericanguy »

Gentlemen, I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I'm pressed for time. I just want to post that I have traveled to Europe for the first time in my life. I arrived back a few weeks ago. I traveled to France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Without a doubt western Europe was just awesome and if I could somehow transplant my life here in the United States to Europe my quality of life would improve.

The basic Pros of Europe:

• Overall Europeans are more relaxed and laid back. Even in Paris where there was lots of hustle and bustle people seemed to work to live opposed to living just to work.

• European food was much more healthy and fresh. From what I understand the chemicals and preservatives that is put into American food is illegal in Europe.

• I didn't feel that I was in a police state and had no worries of encountering aggressive cops. Actually, I didn't see any police cars or cops through 3 different European countries other then the police station that was in the center of a red light district that I saw. Yes, prostitution is legal in Belgium and the police are there to protect the sex workers should they have a problem.

• Europe is a lot more exciting, fun and vibrant. I believe it's because of all the unique old architecture, museums and all the little mom and pop stores. Walking down one side street in Paris is more fun and exciting then going to an entire mall in America. Even the public transportation gets interesting as they create spaces for anyone to play musical instruments.

• Multiple ways to get around in Europe. You can take the bus, train, subway, motorbike, bicycle, walk, or use a car. Where here in America all we use is automobiles even just going down the street, in Europe they use bicycles as a major means of transportation.

• I didn't see or detect any thug or ghetto culture. Just didn't see any ignorant trashy people black or white. Didn't see any fat overweight or obese people. Even the blacks in Europe, they far outclass the blacks in America. The blacks in Europe were mature, hardworking and professional.

• European women far outclass American women. European women were very feminine they took pride in being dressed up, and carried themselves like ladies. European women also weren't afraid of men or of me. Where in the United States I'm ignored and a woman in public will try and go the furthest away from you in Europe women will sit next to you on a train, they give you compliments, and I was actually helped with my luggage off an elevator by an attractive woman.

Actually, if I lived in Europe I would try and get a girlfriend. For me it was like finally I see some quality women that are worth more then just a roll in the hay. This also explains why the red light districts that I went to weren't as popular as I thought they would be dispite Playboy Bunny blonds (for 50 Euro) waiting behind the glass doors. Quite simply there is no need to use prostitutes as there is so many quality women just walking around in the street who are open for you to talk to them.
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Re: European Trip Report

Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

And the travel bug bites yet another into wanderlust. Congratulations!

Now that you have your feet wet in Western Europe, I truly believe you will be even more wowed when you travel to Central and Eastern Europe. I am at the point where I won't even go back to Western Europe again. Give going eastward a try when you can!
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Re: European Trip Report

Post by Winston »

Congrats. Now you've experienced happier abroad, not just heard about it in theory. Nothing is better than direct experience. Even Einstein said that.

The vibe is totally different as well. Feels more healthy and free huh? Not as toxic as USA. When you experience it you know what i mean.

You folks gotta remember that our souls need food too, not just our body. And the vibes and energy of a culture serve as food for our souls too. Thus its important too. Many of us only see the physical aspect and forget that.

When you vibe with the environment, it raises your self esteem naturally without any BS. And you feel free to be yourself. Thats the ultimate freedom. Life is about having meaningful experiences.
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Re: European Trip Report

Post by Adama »

MY theory is that foreign women are simply closer to the ideal of woman. So they are giving off much more feminine energy, which a man's soul can pick up on and feed off of, and that in itself might bring out the masculine energy within him, just being around a real woman, and in return that will further charge her.

If you go anywhere else in the world, the young people are all about romance. In the states, it's mostly about the woman dominating the man, and romance is secondary. That's why you have to be a mind reader in the USA- you have to be able to sense when they are interested without them giving a clue, and you have to sense when they aren't or have lost interest, without them giving a clue.

Anglophone men have no idea how their glory has been torn asunder. I don't even think American women are doing well. They don't have a clue what they are doing. Yet everyone insists they are perfect whatever it is they do. Because natural femininity and masculinity are destroyed in Anglo cultures by the exalted status of the women. That reverses the gender roles and confuses people.
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Re: European Trip Report

Post by justanotherhanut »

Why no pictures?
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