Countries that must be avoided.

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Re: Countries that must be avoided.

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Guys who go abroad also will never like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE, Syria, and such because women in those countries are in fact required by those countries' laws to wear niqabs and burqas. When women are covered from the cheeks all the way down to the ground (niqab) or even outright fully covered with a mesh screen concealing the entire face (burqa), not to mention when the garment just hangs from the body in loose folds like window curtains and drapes, men can never see what the woman looks like. You don't know if she could be morbidly obese, if she could be 90 years old, you can't tell if she is either too young or too old for you.

Plus, again, restaurants in the Middle East are segregated so that single men and single women can not mingle. Only married men are allowed to sit with a woman (his wife) at any restaurant, and they are placed in what they call the "family room." Single men are put in a "bachelor's" room and are forbidden to dine with any married couple to whom he is not related. Single women generally are forbidden in the community without a male "guardian." In other businesses (banks, offices, etc) in the Middle East, men and women work in separate sections that are partitioned off.
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