Burgos Street, Manila, Bars Today

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Burgos Street, Manila, Bars Today

Post by ladislav »

Went to Burgos Street bars in Makati yesterday. Wanted to check them out to see how they compared to Angeles City bars.

It looked as if the same thing affected them:

Almost all the college age ladies are gone ( they are now on apps and dating sites looking for bf's. ) Back 10 - 20 years ago, almost all ladies both in AC and in Manila were college age crowd.

Instead, there are many 27-35+ ladies who are not particularly attractive. Some are 2s and 3s and these would not even be hired back in the old days. Now, they take everyone.

Some bars closed permanently just like in Angeles City.

Lady drinks cost P310-440. Men's drinks were P120- 160.

Some clubs were almost empty until very late.

One thing I liked was the two restaurants , one Greek and one Turkish. Good food and they take credit cards in a country where they prefer cash.

The EDSA entertainment center has closed down permanently, btw. It used to be a hot place buzzing with some 8 bars with college age ladies. It is totally gone now courtesy of Covid.

Apparently, based on what a taxi driver said, the pretty ladies are now in the CJK ( Chinese, Japanese, Korean)-frequented bars on Roxas Blvd. But those are expensive bars.
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Re: Burgos Street, Manila, Bars Today

Post by MarcosZeitola »

I've never been a monger or made use of the services of a "pro" but a Filipino friend of mine dragged me into a bar a few months ago. The quality of ladies was frankly abysmal. Most of them looked like chubby single moms. He asked me "do you want one?" and I told him: "They'd have to pay ME for the privilege." :lol:
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Re: Burgos Street, Manila, Bars Today

Post by publicduende »

As far as I was told (and saw), what changed the bar scene across all red-light districts in the Philippines are the Koreans and the Chinese. The old gits from US, Europe or Australia, who are happy to chat with one another, drink the night away and leave with their barfined cutie of choice, are almost gone.

Enter relatively younger Koreans and Chinese who
  • don't give a darn about hanging out or socialising: they are only there for the sex
  • don't give a darn about drinking: they saved their cash to get girls, not low-quality booze
I saw this with my own eyes in an area near Puerto Galera, called Sabang, which (as we found out later) was a designated red light district. I convinced my wife to walk into what looked like one of the larger and more glamorous girlie bars. We went there around 7:30 and it was almost empty. Then around 8:30 there comes a large group of Chinese young men, and all of them are accompanied by a girl, probably a girl who works in that place. They sit, their chosen girl sitting on their laps or just beside. They drink one, max two drinks. What's worst, the show is finished by 9:30 (WTF!): ladyboy cabaret, sexy dances, the whole lot. The Chinese leave hand-in-hand with their chosen girls and that's the end of it.
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