God Grovelers are Good Serfs, Not Good Parents

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God Grovelers are Good Serfs, Not Good Parents

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God Grovelers make terrible parents. God Grovelers make ideal serfs.

That's not to say all religious people are God Grovelers, they aren't. And not all serfs will be God Grovelers.

Not all religious people are God Grovelers. But most Serfs would happen to be God Grovelers.

Let's imagine traits would make a person a serf:

1. Obeys Government
2. Obeys Authority
3. Follows Orders
4. Trusts Government
5. Often times, they completely believe in God (the Abrahamic Version). Christianity produces the best serfs at higher rates than any other of the Abrahamic Religions. East Asians often make good serfs too because of their conformist nature.
6. Refusal to break any laws
7. Always wanting to obey God and Government (This is a Slave Value. Obedience from purely from fear of hell is a Slave Value)
8. Feels guilt whenever they do anything considered "wrong" by God or Government (A Slave Value)
9. Believes in work and that work is always good no matter what that work is or how it pays
10. Believes in always doing things upright and ethically, even if the system itself is broken, corrupt, rigged, or unfair. (A Slave Value)

God Grovelers are the most loathsome people on the planet because they're weak. Always following the rules, obeying authority, fearing their God, believing in obeying a corrupt system, and sacrificing opportunity of them and their children because it's what "God would want" while thanking God for everything they have and celebrating their own weakness.

It's contemptible to celebrate weakness and thank God for everything. It's the most pathetic thing. God didn't produce the food, God didn't make the sunny day, and God didn't help you get better from your illness.

When people online tell me that I will go to Hell, I smile, because I don't believe in the Abrahamic Hell, and even if Hell does exist, I wouldn't go to any sort of negative afterlife. I would be going to Elysium or Valhalla or a Heaven.

I don't believe in the fear-mongering, the giving to Caesar what is Caesars, the turn the other cheek, the meek will inherit the Earth, or all the other pathetic Slave Value nonsense. It's designed to indoctrinate people into celebrating weakness, celebrating their miserable pathetic wretched lives, and accept their contemptible lot in life. They're the most loathsome losers that society can produce.

Then there's exalting the Jews as the Chosen People. What a pile of rubbish! Jews are the worst lot of people and the lowest of all ethnic groups in this world. To imagine everyone praising the Jews and shielding them at different times, because both Christians and Muslims have at times shielded or defended the Jews, is pathetic.

Here's what I think:
1. The Christians were strict about morals and community. Christianity actually advocates a form of Communism or Socialism. They were likely helping each other. This converted believers. Eventually, Constantine somehow became convinced of Christianity and he destroyed paganism in the Roman Empire. The emphasis on community and then getting a Christian Emperor of Rome who outlawed and disbanded and singlehandedly dismantled Paganism was what caused Christianity to win and then it eventually became the Inquisition that destroyed knowledge, slaughtered the pagans, destroyed sacred trees, and destroyed opposing beliefs.
2. The Jews invented it as a fifth column. It was designed to merge different concepts of various world religions, they likely heard about Buddha and added some of Buddha's achievements into the historic Jesus, and it appeals to the weakest of people. Jews were weak and couldn't fight. This meant they would lose every military battle, so they turned their attention to a war for the mind. They then invented a new religion. They invented Christianity and when it surprisingly became effective, they then invented Islam as a counterbalance. Uniting all pagans under a single religion would have been a fatal mistake if the pagans formed a single theocratic empire or a unified religion. Jews were dividing and conquering.
3. The ideology was a threat to pagan society which is why the pagans were hostile towards Christianity but eventually the elites recognized it was useful. It will praise and celebrate weakness, allowing the Elites to remain in power with much less resistance, and it intimidates people (the ignorant) who will not rise up even if they live in intolerable circumstances. Also, it allowed a new set of Elites to be created, who demand a 10% tithe. Also, serfs would be required to pay taxes on their crops, which is really the only thing most serfs were allowed to do, to their Feudal Lord. They were also indentured to their Feudal Lord and could only buy their freedom if they paid a single payment of seven year's production to their feudal lord. This meant they would need to save a lot of money. Effectively, this is only possibly because Christianity's Slave Values made people accept becoming Serfs. The best slaves are not the ones who are forcibly enslaved but the ones who voluntarily put on their slave collars.

Effectively, it teaches enough Slave Values and Zionist propaganda that it resulted in slave values.

I have read many other examples of "God Groveler" parents that somehow still exist modern times. Everyone I have read has hated them on some level because they're oppressive, weak, terrible, or don't care about improving their lives (and the lives of their children).

I won't be believing in Christianity or any Abrahamic Religion. It's too unbelievable.

1. Plagiarizes many other religions: Sumerian Religion, Zoroastrianism, Egyptian Mythology, etc. Possibly even Buddhism which predates Christianity by several centuries.
2. It's equal to Bolshevism from modern times
3. It praises Slave Values
4. It doesn't account for anything
5. It uses circle logic. If religions actually sought to create a stable foundation of moral values then people wouldn't become immoral. God isn't enough to create a moral society. The fear of God only works on the ignorant masses who have Slave Values.
6. God in the Abrahamic Religions is effectively a Superhero for the Ancient People. It's like Superman going to save America (and everyone) or Batman who never kills anyone but still wins and saves the city of Gotham (or everyone).
7. It puts all it's emphasis on Jews, Jews being the Chosen People, and that God cares more or most about Jews. This effectively neutralizes or reduces the threats that pagans or non-Jews who convert to the Abrahamic Religions, especially Christianity, would seek to remove the Jews.
8. It has inaccuracies and discrepancies.
9. God is like a person who has multiple personality disorder.
10. It's best comparable to the current Great Reset: You'll own nothing and be happy.

I will not raise any children that I have to be Christian or any other Abrahamic Religion. I might briefly teach them some concepts and stories, but overall, explain why I don't consider it at all believable. Same goes for every other religion.

I will not have anyone become a God Groveler. People should return to the Warrior Spirit with noble values and who realize that many times.

Logic can be emphasized above faith, and produce a stronger faith. That's because if people realize that spirituality is different than religion, it will revive morals in society and create new beliefs.

Everyone can look at history to see that anyone who is a Christian or other religion, who has ever amounted to anything, didn't play by the Serf set of rulebooks, and they didn't obey authority, government, the law, God, or always do things upright and ethically. They broke laws, committed necessary sins, potentially necessary evils, violated commandments, and defied the supposed teachings of the Abrahamic (Jewish) God. The fact that God Groveling Serfs celebrate weakness is loathsome. I don't praise the weak, the meek, or the serfs.

If someone tells me go to hell, I think they're either religious or a fool to think I would take that as a legitimate insult or a way to intimidate me.

My parents were God Groveling Serfs and I won't make the same mistake. All Abrahamic Religion can die out and I wouldn't care. It's likely all Fifth Column Jewish Propaganda. Anything that creates weakness will have no place in my life. I won't answer to some Jewish God or exalt the Jews. I refuse to pray because it doesn't work if the prayers go to the Abrahamic God. They were always obedient to authority, the Government, and God. They were also ignorant and naïve. Those ancient Jew myths packaged as religion were made primarily for the ignorant and for the weak. It was made primarily to subvert the warrior spirit and suppress true spirituality. Christianity is a cultural relic and it's dying. Many people make the mistake of wanting to find a cookie cutter belief system because it's easiest or find a group.

Consider many of the holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day, All Saint's Day, and Easter. They all fall around the pagan holidays or decided to adopt pagan traditions to make Christianity more acceptable to the pagans. It's a good strategy. Assimilate some of the pagan beliefs or holidays, or at least the general timeframe, and then more pagans will convert with less resistance.

That's why Christianity and other Abrahamic Religions produce more God Groveler Serfs compared to other religions.

God Grovelers destroy their children's lives because they don't do anything because they think a false God will magically save them and improve their lives. God Grovelers are one category of contemptible and loathsome people.

Teaching people to believe in guilt or humanity's collective guilt is wrong. Teaching children to pray to God for a miracle is the same as telling them that wishing on a star will make their wish come true.

God will fix all your problems! God will help you! God will save the world! Jesus will be born again in the Second Coming! (With no real understanding that the Jewish Messiahs are Revolutionaries who promote Zionism).

The Abrahamic God is basically the ultimate Superhero, especially the Christian version:
1. Entirely Good
2. Perfect
3. Beyond question
4. Obey
5. Is the Creator
6. Is the God Above all Others
7. The One True God
8. Happens to be the Jewish God
9. Is a Jealous God
10. Somehow happens allow evil to exist and is called the Father.

It's all a jumble designed to create the ultimate superhero. I'm not buying any of it. Jesus is like a Batman or Superman for ancient ignorant people. The real Jesus was just a man who led a rebellion against the Romans and probably upset other Jews, so he was crucified. Messiahs were revolutionaries in ancient Israel who would lead uprisings against the Romans. He was then made into a mythical figure as a way to undermine the Roman Empire's success because Jesus was turned into a martyr and a superhero of his Jewish sect. They added certain double speak.

Stealing is not a sin anymore considering money is not even real. Stealing from ordinary people is wrong and especially stealing from the poor. However, if someone robs a mansion, a billionaire, a museum, steals from the government, or shoplifts from large corporations then it's not an issue. Stealing diamonds from a diamond mine, stealing food from a large farm, or hunting an animal without a limited license are also not crimes or sins. It's a slave value to think stealing from the oppressors and the greedy are sinners.

"If a thief takes your money and you take it back, does that make you also a thief?"" (A quote from Hitler's Trial in the film Hitler: The Rise of Evil)

No! It does not!

Private ownership of all the land, all the resources, and all the property with taxation, fiat money, and strict legal systems are all things that don't exist in a real system of the people. The very fact that a religion like Christianity supports such injustice and allowed it to thrive is further proof that God Grovelers are to blame for ruining their children's lives and the world, and also that Christianity cannot defend against evil.

Christianity appears to be an ideological religion that surrenders itself to evil. Whatever good it claims to try to achieve, it always loses more ground in other areas. Christianity assumes it's the one true and correct religion but it's just as flawed and misguided as all the others. Abrahamic Religions are in reality the most flawed religions in the world and most extreme. The reason why Christianity and Islam are so broken is because they're root is Judaism and the Jews invented both as control mechanisms to subvert the goyim.

That's why God Groveling Serf parents are completely useless, cannot inspire love, and often achieve nothing in life. My God Groveling Serf parents are completely worthless, happy in their ignorance and miserable living conditions, and chose to live in the worst place in America with no opportunity because of the ideas of greedy rich family who doesn't see anyone or just to be around the few who are poor and old, and because of their religious worship and loyalty to their employers who always took advantage of them. And they would always complain about their work conditions but never try to find a new job because they had loyalty but always complain about getting denied raises or promotions, or how their pay was $20,000 lower than newly hired people. They received their reward for being God Groveling Serfs: they get treated like slaves and trampled upon and almost like they're overworked mules! They bought into the idea that America is the greatest, into obeying God's commandments, and all sorts of other Slave Values and Serf Ideology nonsense.

Let them suffer for their Jew God and Corrupt Zionist Government!

I'm proud to have a Warrior Spirit like the Pagans because I will resist and take my rightful place as a Noble or a King! If I have children, it will be a dynasty like the Medici family or other great noble houses and dynastic families.

I will teach my children to believe in Creationism and Deism but that there is no God that will save them and what most people call sin are actually strengths and virtues. The evil people in the world succeed because they celebrate strength but the Christians lose because they celebrate weakness, meekness, and acceptance of their miserable lives because God will answer their prayers or they will be rewarded in the afterlife. Complete fools! Let the God Grovelers be Good Serfs because they're going to be the best slaves for people and easy to exploit. I'm done with the Abrahamic God. The Abrahamic God is a pile of rubbish.

The modern world has no place for ignorance and weakness. Everyone who clung to ignorance and weakness failed and amounted to nothing.

My life is effectively over in terms of any sort of success, mostly because my worthless God Groveler Serf parents ensured that I wasn't able to succeed. My parents will die in poor health, poor, and having accomplished nothing in life. They'll be forgotten. I would rarely talk about my parents. There's honestly not much to say about them. Honestly, God Groveler Serf Parents are unfit to be parents.

Any person who puts their God above all else is an ideologue. The entire religions are more ideology and not true spirituality. God Grovelers are ideologues and God Groveler Serfs are the worst parents.
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