Could Jesus return in 2028?

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Could Jesus return in 2028?

Post by Pinayhunter »

Wow. You all need to check out this YouTube channel. He uses the 7 day creation account and many other Bible parables to “prove” Jesus will return exactly 2000 years after His death.

I don’t know if 2028 is the correct year, but I firmly believe we’re the last generation.

4 minute version:

Super Bowl 51 confirms 2028:

Asteroid impact:

10 Part Seminar: ... x=3&t=362s

I highly recommend watching the 10 part seminar. It’s over 4 hours long, but the payoff is worth it.

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Re: Could Jesus return in 2028?

Post by Winston »

We already have a thread about this topic and that man's predictions here:

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Re: Could Jesus return in 2028?

Post by jamesbond »

I believe he thinks the rapture will occur in 2021 and Jesus returns to the earth in 2028. We will see what happens!
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Re: Could Jesus return in 2028?

Post by MarcosZeitola »

He's Jesus, he can come back whenever the hell he wants to. But I wouldn't blame him if he doesn't really feels like it anymore.
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Could Jesus return in 2028

Post by BeJimmieHap »

Im not here to argue or prove you wrong. This post is about a boy revealing Jesus in the Bible. If you dont agree with it you dont have to say anything.
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