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The True Origin of Satan (Not what the Church told you)

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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The True Origin of Satan (Not what the Church told you)

Post by Winston »

Check out this short explanation of where the concept of Satan came from and how it evolved. The truth and evidence are vastly different from what the orthodox Church told you.

Interesting comment in the comments section:
James Lee
the modern image of satan was also a purposeful corruption (by the Catholic church and the contemporary christian culture) of the image of the god Pan as a tactic to weaken pagan influences in Europe and associate Pagan dieties with evil.
That would make sense and explain a lot.
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Re: The True Origin of Satan (Not what the Church told you)

Post by E Irizarry R&B Singer »

Watch Lucifer on NetFlix. I love the way he and his comrades are portrayed in that NF series. The Devil is not as bad as he really is a.ssumed to be; he's highly suggestive but never coerces you into doing things unlike the Djinn among other "dark" entities out there in the universe. Humans are already a tainted experiment so this thing called "sin" is really the carrying-out of an action which was already contemplated, not the thought itself.
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