How the 'Jews' created Christianity from the very 'goyim' demonism they sought to subvert

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How the 'Jews' created Christianity from the very 'goyim' demonism they sought to subvert

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Jews had a major population in Alexandria and they created a Jewish rip off of the Hellenic-Egyptian mystery school of Seraphis which was the largest mystery school in the Roman Empire. The Jews created this rip off in the form of the Therapeutae. They openly admitted this as well. The character of Jesus was simply openly stolen off Seraphis [Osiris to the Egyptians and Dionysus to the Greeks] and turned into a Jewish character by fraud. The Greeks used to complain about how the Jews mocked and disrespected the rites of Dionysus and the other Gods in Alexandria. The Jews created this subversive cult to then merge it later into Catholicism when they created the Flavian Dynasty. And the agenda of the Therapeutae from their own documents was to destroy the Gentile cultures and bring about the age of the Jewish messiah. The Torah instructs the Jews to use depiction as a form of warfare.

The Christian "Gnostic gospels" people are going on about are just a first wave of cultural subversion of the Jews trying to inject their God in a form of Jesus into the Goyim culture as a form of cultural warfare. The Jews of Alexandria also used to petition the Roman Emperor's to demand the admittance of Jews into all area's of Greek life in the city because they were barred from such in many cases. And also to demand the Greeks not be allowed to have any institutions allowed for their own Greek race. Including demands to send foreigners into the Greek area's. But that the Jews be given special rights to have their own institutions and areas only for Jews. The Jews never change. Its the same today the Jews push for open boarders and race mixing for the Goyim but never Israel, Oy veh! ... eutae#p656

it's funny because the four gospels were held in their (therapeutae)essential stories and doctrines before christianity,according to christian historians of that period.

seraphis being osirus/dionysus was turned into 'yeshua'which was the name for dionysus in the near east,before christianity.

Dionysus is literally Satan.

and as Christopher Jon bjerknes and Adam green from knowmorenews show,Jesus is SATAN to the Jews,a trojan horse to destroy the gentiles,since Satan is both the accuser of israel but also it's eventual advocate.

the testament of abraham and other early christian jewish works say the disciples are DECIEVERS to destroy the goyim from within.

the jews literally hold a feast to 'saint'peter,who they consider a double agent.
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