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The Case for Life After Death - NDE's, Reincarnation, Ghosts & Spirits, Psychic Mediums, Etc.

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Re: The Case for Life After Death - NDE's, Reincarnation, Ghosts & Spirits, Psychic Mediums, Etc.

Post by Winston »

Hope this doesnt offend anyone but i think its a fallacy to assume that either everyone has an afterlife or no one does. I've never been an egalitarian because ive never seen any evidence at all that everyone is equal or the same. Thats a populist myth with no basis in reality. Its just something people like to believe but has no basis.

I believe that some may have afterlife or next life or past life and some may not. We arent all the same. Some people seem soulless and mindless like the clones on the movie invasion of the body snatchers. In this day most seem to be organic portals or NPCs (non player characters). Look up those terms. Some could be programs in the matrix or AI clones.

Just because some have a past life doesn't mean everyone does. After all remember that only some have NDEs and some dont. No one knows why. And only a few people have past life memories. Most dont. Its a fallacy to assume that what's true for some or a few is true for everyone and vice versa. People like to assume we're all the same but it just doesnt seem true. If u were running a virtual game or sims u would not save all the characters after the simulation, only the ones u like. Think about it. Also why would u give atheists an afterlife if they dont even want one and dont even believe in a soul or in God?
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