Butchering the Pig Chinese scam

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Butchering the Pig Chinese scam

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I've been contacted on Facebook dating by dozens of beautiful Chinese women employed by the Butchering the Pig scam https://www.reddit.com/r/Scams/comments ... e_they_do/

I almost fell for it the first time. The first clue is when they immediately start begging or badgering you to contact them on WhatsApp. Often they're evasive when you ask them where they live, and when you tell them you're only interested in local women they'll tell you they'd like to chat and be your friend. It's an elaborate operation. The women have been trained in social engineering to manipulate you.

Other clues is when they pose in expensive cars like Ferraris, Bentleys. They pretend they're successful business owners.

They'll develop the conversation and draw you in with frequent photos of elaborate Chinese cuisine they claim they cook on a daily basis.

They'll excuse themselves from a chat to do some trading because they just received a hot tip and return 15 minutes later showing you statements of how they make quick money in a few minutes trading Forex, commodities, etc. because their uncle runs a financial analysis firm and leaks trading tips to them.

The idea is to get you to open an account with a trading firm online but you'll end up losing all your money. Many people have been scammed out of serious money.
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