Why are restaurants in the Philippines such a ripoff?!

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Re: No way!

Post by OutWest »

publicduende wrote:Gosh guys I'm shocked - a thread dedicated to "Filipino food" that only talks about how good franchises that offer non-Filipino cuisine (and experiences thereof) are bad quality and a ripoff!!
I have only been to Davao and maybe that's an eating paradise compared to Manila or Cebu, that I'll never know, but in 2 weeks there I could find plenty of shops where you could eat genuine and delicious Filipino food at prices accessible to everyone, I mean less than 300 PHP!!

Dudes, how can you go on about Filipino food and never mention chicken/pork adobo and BBQ, liempo, kinilaw, tuna belly, bangus, grilled fish, those great seafood chowders (I forgot their names), even curry etc. You must have a very skewed idea of the food in the Philippines, to say the least! :)

Have you ever eaten at http://penongs.com.ph/ - you can literally stuff your face with high quality grilled seafood, chicken and pork for less than 350 pesos! Or if you want to go a bit upmarket there's also restaurants like Antonio's Grill who cook a great mix of Filipino and international dishes for a price that's never less than 500 pesos per person.

I have been to Italianni's in Abreeza mall - yes it's a very upmarket restaurant and overpriced, but the food isn't that bad at all. And having London prices in mind, spending £15 for two antipastis, one very decent stone-baked pizza, two beers and coffee is still at least 50% of what I would have paid in a comparable quality establishment here.

It might be that the places those good foods are served are not withing stumbling distance of a cat-house, so most readers here will never experience them...??? I mean ...no good food in whoretown (Angeles)? Ah...in a short while, you saw parts of the Philippines that will never be seen from the cat-house window...

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Re: No way!

Post by publicduende »

OutWest wrote:It might be that the places those good foods are served are not withing stumbling distance of a cat-house, so most readers here will never experience them...??? I mean ...no good food in whoretown (Angeles)? Ah...in a short while, you saw parts of the Philippines that will never be seen from the cat-house window...
I must assume most HA members who have been to PI have at least paid a passing visit to "normal" cities like Manila, Cebu, Davao, CDO, etc. I would rather put such skewed judgment down to most people being from the US and hopelessly reluctant to dive into the more genuine pleasures of the local cuisine. Which, at least in Davao, uses the fresher ingredients, is the more delicious, not to mention cheaper.
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Post by Outcaster »

Banano wrote:$1 for a good meal in BKK, 30 bhats that is

What exactly do you get for 30 bahts and where did you eat?Chicken feet or bugs cost more than that

small shawarmah is 60 bahts and i always need 2 or 3
I just got this dish today for 40 Baht or $1.30.

This was at pier21, just take a look at a review i pulled up on google.
This food court was in a very upscale and expensive mall.

http://www.eatingthaifood.com/2012/09/b ... ood-court/


I usually like to get fried rice wth chicken or pork. I eat this at many places. usually pay 30-40 Baht depending on the place. This is all cooked fresh while you wait. This particular meal cost me I think 40Baht. Usually they are around 30 or 35 Baht.


I eat this alot as I can walk onto the a University Campus and eat at their food court. Cost me only 25 Baht. This is oily rice with fried chicken. This would cost maybe 30-40 elsewhere. Comes with the soup also. I ate some of it. I like this because it is somewhat plain, but tastes really good and I can eat it alot.


So try getting anything like this in a food court or sitting down for 40 or 50 peso in Philippines. The country is a total rip off. All you get is plain rice and a small piece of chicken that has been sitting our for hours in a tray.

You guys are crazy to live in the philippines for girls. Its such a shithole country. But I understand it is easy to get girls and if you have to go to that level then it is understandable because I did also. But I don't want to get into how shit of a country is on this particular thread as its about how they rip you off with the most shitty food.
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Post by weiser »

I can understand that you are not fond of balut or sisig but if you are such a fussy eater you should have stayed in accommodation that had a basic kitchen so you could prepare your own meals. Or at the very least had a microwave and refrigerator.

I stayed in a condo style place in Angeles that had full cooking facilities and utensils. I prepared most of my own meals from food I bought at the two major supermarkets in Angeles, the SM supermarket and the one in Robinson Mall, or the smaller JJ supermarket on Fields or even the 7-11 and mini stop. Those supermarkets have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, both local and imported. Some of it is not the best quality and the imported stuff is pricey but is generally OK. They also stock a fair range of imported salad dressings, cooking sauces, cereals, candies, chocolates etc from America, UK, Australia etc. They also stock a reasonable range of plain and flavoured milks and local and imported yogurts and other dairy products.

Fresh produce is also available from several places on and around Fields Ave. I bought all that stuff along with tins of tuna and eggs and just made something quick and simple like a salad.

If you go to the Philippines again just find better quality places to stay.

Some Filipino restaurants in Angeles serve decent, tasty and reasonably priced food. I tried eating at Chow King, Jollibee and a few other chains like that and it was all overpriced barely edible slop.

Many Filipinos are fat because they don't care about the quality or nutrition of the food they eat. Most of what they eat is high calorie and low nutrition stuff. They like anything full of sugar and fat, along with eating mounds of rice every day. Most are couch potatoes, so the weight piles on.
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Post by onethousandknives »

Please tell me the prices of actual Philippino food? Like from a street food stand. I know in Taiwan, you can get a crapload of nice food for nothing on the street.
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Re: Why are restaurants in the Philippines such a ripoff?!

Post by canadabox »

Here are some common scams that happen in Philippines and also in elsewhere: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Common_scams

Be careful out there guys!
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