Chinese girl tries to scam Winston for $10,000!

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Re: Chinese girl tries to scam Winston for $10,000!

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Winston wrote:I don't understand something. What is it about me that causes sales people, peddlers, beggars and hustlers to approach me when I'm in a crowd of people? Why do they always pick me? Because I look rich and generous, or easy to manipulate, or cause I have a victim vibe that makes me look like a target?

And why do some chinese girls I barely know think that they can ask me for 10 thousand dollars or 5 thousand dollars and get it? Do I look like someone who will give 5 thousand dollars to anyone who asks? Lol. Including girls I barely know? If so in what way? I don't get it. Don't I have an intelligent rational face? Why would they assume such a bizarre thing? Any idea? How exactly do I look generous?
Maybe they think all Americans are rich.
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Re: Chinese girl tries to scam Winston for $10,000!

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Any woman asking for money online from a stranger for any reason is a scammer.
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