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Re: Freelance/Work-at-Home Jobs (Online)

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flowerthief00 wrote:
May 19th, 2022, 4:21 pm
I've been wondering myself what the hell to do for a living, now that I have a trigger thumb (a thumb that doesn't open/close naturally). Unfortunately my skills and experience are in IT, an industry I don't think highly of and was considering giving up on even before this new problem began. Maybe this is the final nail in that coffin.
Customer support is an idea, though I've done it before and find it tiresome.
I am sorry about your ailment, hope it can go away or be less painful with the right treatment.

You're the first person I know who would rather be in Customer Support than IT. IT is a much more lucrative industry, whether you do "simple" IT support in a call center, or you develop software for web, mobile or enterprise back-ends (servers, database etc.). You probably just have to hone your skills in frameworks "that matter" right now and you could easily get a job that pays $50/60K fully remotely, much more if you want to apply to a corporate job.
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Re: Freelance/Work-at-Home Jobs (Online)

Post by flowerthief00 »

Thanks, I hope so too.

I would not rather work in Customer Support. As I said, I find it tiresome. I just am not buying that IT is easy and lucrative. Perhaps one but not both. And I have done IT support in a call center many years ago. It paid 10 usd/hour. Is that considered lucrative? I'm not even even blaming the employers for not being as forthcoming with such jobs as you make them out to be, because were it me in their shoes I, too, would rather hire the bargain dev from India who will work for essentially minimum wage.
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Re: Freelance/Work-at-Home Jobs (Online)

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