Hello Everyone! Looking for more out of life

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Hello Everyone! Looking for more out of life

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Hi guys, am a 32 year old programmer who originally tried to do PUA for about 12 years(20 till 31) but wasn't able to get consistent results in America. Due to the stresses of my job, i developed social anxiety and lost any confidence I gained. Add to that, i noticed all there was to do in America was Go To Work, Go Home, Exercise, Chase Skirts during the weekend with friends, spend on stuff I didn't need and amass debt.

Something just felt off about that lifestyle, there had to be something more fulfilling. I decide with a bunch of friends to travel outside the US for the first time and it shattered my world. The anxiety and unhappiness i felt changed when i visited Iceland, Finland, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary. I then decided, "I want to live where i'm treated best and have more meaningful connections".

Two years ago I then decided to make that my plan, Get Rid of My Debt, Save Money and Head to Thailand for a few months for a long vacation. And two years later, I achieved that but as a result, I felt a sense of emptiness(don't really want to socialize with people in the US anymore for some reason) and no longer having interest in doing the PUA thing. Hopefully the trip to Thailand will give me that awesome feeling i once had before. Hope to talk with you guys!
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