Arkie living in the Philippines

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Arkie living in the Philippines

Post by samo66 »

Im a fairly new member here, I came across this site by accident. From the post I stumbled upon, it seemed that everyone was bashing everyone, but in a nice way. But there was some truth that I found and a few post that peaked my interest.

I have been living here In Manila for almost 2 yrs now, and for the most part I have really enjoyed living here. I was working In Iraq for 3 yrs as a sub contractor and had some friends that had been here many times and also have Filipino friends tell me about living here. So I came the first time for 8 days and had a blast, then went back to Iraq for 6 grueling months. Then had another trip here for 2 weeks and like the second trip even better because I had a few ladies I was meeting here. The first 2 I would consider them to be middle class and where a lot of fun to be with, I think that was because we had such a long time to know each other better.

But since I have been here I have been with bar girls and up to middle class. But I have yet to break into the Upper middle class of girls and I am preparing to do that very soon. I have been mostly just a fun American guy to the girls I've met, not into dressing with real nice clothes but just being comfortable in T shirts and casual shirts and shorts. Im just a blue collar type of guy, but with ambitions to be more with the right woman.

I have never been without a steady stream of women here, and have never been without sex for very long. Since I have been here I have gotten more sex than I have ever had, even while I was married in the US. I have met girls for the first time and later that day had my hands in there panties in movie theaters, and then later been at my place and having some really great sex, and then had to go on a few dates till we made love. But it has all been fairly easy to find women here for anything that you can imagine. From P2P to having a relationship

Yes Manila is a nasty dirty place and it has some really bad conditions to get over, and you have to be aware of what you do at all times here. But at the same time there is something that I find fascinating about living here. I like to think of this place as like Joan Rivers, shes old, she needs a lot of work in the beauty area, but at parties shes a hell of a lot of fun.

Filippina are some of the most sensuous women I have ever met. It never seems to amaze me that women who are so religious can be such horny little things and so open about sex once you get to know them. But if you find a girl who's a virgin, you can almost forget about getting sex with them unless you really commit to them. They are like breaking into Fort Knox in that regard. But once you open the vault and plunder all that sweetness you will have a little minx on your hands. When I was in the Army many yrs ago, I had a friend who had a Filippina for a wife, her called a LBFM ( Little Brown Fornicating Machine) And I have had it happen many times. They are sweet, sensuous, passionate, willing to learn anything if you're gentle with them and patient with them.

It has been a long time since I paid out right for sex from bar girls. The way I figure it, is why pay for it when you can get it free. It is so easy to have fun here with these girls. I'm not great looking, I'm 45, balding, over weight and not long in the tool area, but I never had a lack of sex since I have been here.

If you can make them laugh and smile and treat them respect and not be vulgar, you will not have any problems with meeting these girls. I even think that Upper Middle class girls will be that way too, but you have to put in more time with them and a bit more effort to reach the real good cream at the top.

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Post by Winston »


You can get sex for free there, but only under the pretense that you want a relationship with them. Most girls you date there will be very poor, so even if they sleep with you for free, they still expect a cash gift from you. I'm sure you know that don't you? Are you gonna tell us that these girls never ask you for money? lol
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Arkie living in the Philippines

Post by samo66 »


Yes I have had a few that wanted cash for travel or some other reasons. And yes some are looking for a relationship in the future. But I am usually very open and frank with them, I usually tell them that Im looking for a sexual relationship, like a friends with benefits and then I spell out the rules. 1) this is just a friendly relationship with sex as its main factor. 2) If they start developing a loving relationship like a girlfriend, then this is finished. 3) Lets have fun and let me show you how many orgasms I can show them.

Occasionally I will help them with a bit of cash or travel fare if there worth the effort and time. Yes some are very poor, but I try to stay away from the real poor ones, cause they can be the worse as far as trying to ask for cash. Its the OFW that usually is looking to have fun and play outside there social circle and are usually open to friends with benefits type of relationships.

For the first few weeks when I first got here I went crazy with the bar girls and having fun in the bars, because I had been in Iraq working for 6 months solid with no females that where available. So when a man comes from the desert, he is usually very thirsty, and I drank to my hearts content.
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Post by E_Irizarry »

Winston wrote:Welcome.

You can get sex for free there, but only under the pretense that you want a relationship with them. Most girls you date there will be very poor, so even if they sleep with you for free, they still expect a cash gift from you. I'm sure you know that don't you? Are you gonna tell us that these girls never ask you for money? lol
They expect it, but as long as you are PROPERLY laying pipe and laying out the human roll in-roll out carpet (i.e. the tongue in p***y skill set), that expectation changes over to how very often they want your raw dick inside of them. Stop giving these women gifts. Stop simping. Women don't deserve shit until they have proved themselves; respect is given, has to be garnered.
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Post by Capster78 »

I have been to the philippines several times and I can vouch for the fact that any american looking man will have no problem finding a good share of "good christian women" to take to the hotel and have some fun with if that is what your looking for. The philippines is quite dirty, and the conditions are quite poor. As long as you can adjust yourself to having no AC in some places, and the dirt and smog... the rest of the PI is simply awesome! The people are very friendly and open. Filipino's know how to party and they love a good laugh. There is the other side of the PI you have to watch out for. There are a lot of thief's and con artists in the PI. Many filipino's have a lot of pride in themselves to. Its not pride in the sense that they are over confident. They just expect a level of respect from others. You don't want to disrespect a filipino or you could be one of those brief headlines in the paper where a guy drives up on a bike and shoots you, then drives off. As long as your respect them, and dont try to start trouble, you will be fine.

The Philippines is also perfect if your looking for a wife as well. You wont find women who are as family oriented as most filipina's are. This can sometimes be a source of contention and annoyance, but most of the time its refreshing and adds to the vast majority of good values filipina women have that make them so attractive. Not to mention, filipina women are very self aware. They take care of themselves even if they are poor. Most are very sexy, having asian and spanish traits combined.

Overall, I can't think of another place I would rather live as long as I have money to survive there. It would probably be the worst place to be stuck in though. So make sure you have income before you decide to just get up and go to the PI.
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Post by NorthAmericanguy »

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