New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

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Re: New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

Post by gsjackson »

Voyager1 wrote:BTW that bus goes right from the airport terminal so no need to book some airport hotel just to get the bus. That is ridiculous.

Also there are plenty of centre Kyiv budget hotels in the price range you mentioned.

Take transportation from Borispol to Kyiv each day? Why do that when you can live right in Kyiv? That bus sometimes waits up to an hour to fill up before it goes. Then a 30-60 minute ride depending on traffic. Then get into the metro? Afraid you are behind the times buddy. Taxis are very cheap now.
Just seeing this. The buses leave one after another regularly. I never had to wait more than five minutes once I boarded (every day for a week), and it took no more than 20 minutes to get to and from the subway. But yes, buses are definitely suboptimal, unless you're trying to minimize expenses. They're not what one thinks of as buses at all -- just cramped mini-buses, which is all I ever saw in Ukraine, Georgia and Romania.

It's encouraging for the OP that he got this girl onto facebook. (Is the HA site PPL or one fee permitting unlimited contact? Yes, I think PPL is invariably a scam.) The pre-arranged hotel and Mafia references are concerning. I'd be very careful where I went with her, and stay relatively sober, until there's a clear reason to trust her.

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Re: New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

Post by Voyager1 »

gs - Dnipro budget hotel is only 26 dollars a day right in the centre of Kyiv.

Also you can get many apartments in that price range right in the centre or close to the centre.
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Re: New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

First thing is that you do not even know if this is a catfish or not. She might be an scammer African man posing as a Ukrainian girl for all you know. Or she could be married already and using this scheme to get extra income and or a visa.

I know Kiev well and it is a wonderful city. Mafia don't trifle with nonsense like her unless they want to traffic her. I would go there and enjoy yourself but have a plan in case she does not work out for whatever reason. You don't have to tell her where you are staying until you meet her in person.

Ukrainian girls are notoriously free to whore around so you might not be the only man she knows on this basis. Go there with low expectations and a plan to enjoy yourself if things go badly.

Finally, never ever ever consider a girl a serious prospect until you have at least met her in person!
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Re: New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

Post by Zambales »

Have you actually spoken to her via webcam yet? If you haven't, suggest it and note her response.
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Re: New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

Post by WorldTraveler »

I've spend almost a year on the ground in Ukraine several years back.

How long are you going for? Have you videocamed with this girl? If not you should not be going to see her. I got the Mafia comment from some girl one time there too. It may just be their sick sense of humor. You need to control where you stay and what you do at first. She comes to you. You don't go to her. I think the chances are slim you are being setup for a kidnapping or your ATM. She can milk a lot more money from you by making you her boyfriend. Send me her Facebook link and I'll take a look at it.

You should be chatting with many girls from Kiev for a backups in case she doesn't work out. They want a guy with onitis so they can control him and the money.
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Re: New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

Post by Voyager1 »

Good advice WT about the backups.
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Re: New here, taking a trip in August, kind of scared tbh

Post by LFL »

Big_uzi wrote:Hi guys,

I have been lurking for a while and things are moving quick in this international dating world for me so here goes.

This winter I signed up for the dating site and have been quite pleased with the results. I have been liked on there maybe 120 times? I have reached out to maybe half of those girls. I don't even bother searching for women on there lol. So different then when I am on and it's a f***ing ghost town for me. I had a long stint with one girl on there skyped and all that but it didn't work out. Currently I am really only talking regularly to 2 girls, and one in particular is the goto. I have moved the conversation with her over to facebook and we message pretty much daily. In the beginning of moving over, I talked to her once on there, then i mentioned something relating to her being here in the US in passing. She said, " well i won't be there anytime soon." i took that as being cold so I said "right." I didn't message for a week after that. Then we started talking again and she said oh I thought maybe you lost interest. So I thought, ok we are back to normal. Everything was going really good in chatting, to the point where we just have fun crazy conversation. She mentioned she wanted to take a trip, maybe Isreal. I then told her I was thinking about taking a trip to Ukraine this summer probably August. Here's where things get interesting. She was like, oh I will cancel my trip and I can show you around when you get here. Then we started talking about dates and when I was coming. I then bought airline tickets to Kiev for a week. Now we have been planning a trip together to go to Kiev and Odessa. All is going great in the chat. Now, I'm starting to get paranoid by a joke she has made twice. She said in passing as a joke "i am Ukrainian mafia" then wrote the "laughing/crying" emoji after. I keep thinking about it and now I am just getting paranoid she really is mafia and will have a gang of thugs ready to rob me somewhere. What are your guys thoughts on this and does this girl seem legit too you? She has about 150 some friends on there and has been a member on fb since at least 2014 as I saw posts from the "fb memories". If you want to look her up on there message me. What do you guys think? Does the Ukraine mob have women running crazy elaborate scams baiting idiots like me out there? I am also wondering how she could really be this trusting of me and not fi d it weird to want to hang with me for a week. Seems odd, but maybe she thinks I some kind of catch? Lol
If you direct message me, I can share my experience and hopefully provide you some helpful insights. I have been through exactly where you are and I'm now married to a beautiful Ukrainian woman. If you want to share in private, I can probably help.
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