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Peter Gibbons - the main character from Office Space

Posted: December 14th, 2010, 5:08 pm
by Peter_Gibbons
Hi All,

I used the user name Peter_Gibbons on this site because I love the movie
Office Space and I can relate to the main character in the movie, Peter
Gibbons. A few years ago I worked in IT and the company I worked for
was like Initech. I felt a lot like Peter Gibbons did. Except unfortunately
I haven't found my Joanna yet.

I love this site! I agree with many of the opinions expressed on this

Many of the things that are said on this site are things you know are true
but no one else says.

Anyway, I grew up much the same as many nerds/geeks did in that I haven't had
much success with women in the US. While growing up, other adults,
teachers, and society in general told me that if I study hard, get good grades, and
get a good job then I will be able to get a beautiful wife. So I did as I was
told. I was a good guy. I never broke the law or used drugs. I studied hard
both in high school and college. I got a degree in MIS. I got my job at Initech
and worked hard there too. By the time I was in my later twenties, with my good
job plus some capital gains and dividends on the savings that I had, I was
making over $80,000. So I figured that I had finally become successful enough to
get a girlfriend or wife.

So I tried dating. Unfortunately, the only women who were interested in me
were single moms. There was one girl that I knew of through friends who I
knew since I was a teenager. When I was a teenager, and even when I was in
college, she didn't like me. She just dated what I call
'Alpha Bully Jerk' type guys. So when she was young and hot she did
not want me. Then, she got knocked up by one of the 'Alpha Bully Jerk' type
guys who went to my high school and had a kid.
Now that she already had a kid by a scumbag who
used to bully me, she would sometimes call me and even ask things like
'So when are we getting together?' Since I don't want a single mom, I would
just make up excuses and say I was busy. I find that so annoying. Women
don't want a 'good guy' until they have already had kids fathered by the
'Alpha Bully Jerk' type guys. I find this SO ANNOYING. I did not study
hard then work my ass off at Initech just so that I could help raise a kid who is
the seed of some bully jerk.

When I realized that having a good job was just enough to raise my dating
market value to the point where I could attract single moms I got tired of
working hard. I began to realize that I had been lied to. All the studying
in college, all the aggravating work at Initech filling out T.P.S. reports. All
for nothing. Society lies to nerdy kids and tells them that they will get women
when they get a good job and are successful. However, for most nerds this
is a lie. Sure, super smarts nerds, who get extremely high paying occupations
such as those who become brain surgeons or investment bankers, can get
hot chicks because of their success. However, the vast majority of nerds,
who are just of above average intelligence, get middle income or upper middle
income jobs working in fields like Accounting or IT. Thus, they really don't
have the extremely high income that nerds need to get hot chicks. Therefore,
society LIED to people like me and made me work and suffer by using a
FALSE promise.

So I quit my job at Initech and now I'm working for a company a friend of
mine owns. The pay is a lot lower at only about $30,000 per year but it
isn't as aggravating as Initech was and I have the satisfaction of helping
out a friend of mine with his business. I'm trying to work out an
arrangement with him that enables me to work from home using Log Me
In. He has been somewhat resistant to the idea but I have been able to
convince him to let me try it out. So far, things have been going well.
I haven't mentioned yet that I want to work from an overseas country
like Ukraine. I'm planning to break that news to him in a few months
when and if the telecommuting arrangement is well established.
Hopefully, by that time I will have convinced him that it will work.

After reading the Happier Abroad site, I have now developed an new strategy
that I call the Foreign Sugar Daddy Strategy. I wasn't able
to, and don't know of any way that I could, become rich enough to
have a girlfriend that I would want in the US (that is, one who is
attractive, in her twenties, and DOES NOT HAVE A KID
FATHERED BY SOME OTHER GUY). Overseas, however, it appears
even with a much lower income of just $30,000 a year, I would
be rich compared to my competition, the local males. My
reasoning is that my income would be several times higher than the
average salary in certain poor countries and that therefore I would
be rich enough to be a Sugar Daddy overseas.

I am hoping that this strategy will work. However, I do have a lot of
concerns about moving overseas. I fear that many of these countries
overseas might not be safe. I also fear that being a foreigner might
make it difficult to have a long term relationship with the local women.
I also worry that certain dishonest people in these poor countries
might try some type of extortion scam or might take advantage of
my ignorance of the laws or customs in their country. I want to
learn as much as possible about the risks in these countries
so that I can develop plans to avoid these risks.

I would love to hear from others who have had success moving to poor

European, or other poor but predominately Caucasian countries like Argentina,

settled there permanently, and found wives or long term girlfriends. I would
like to learn as much as possible from others who have tired the Foreign
Sugar Daddy Strategy
in foreign countries that have Caucasian women so
that I can avoid possible problems.

So, has anyone here been a Sugar Daddy in a poor but predominately
Caucasian country?

Since I'm currently trying to prove to my boss that this telecommuting
arrangement will work, I don't have much time to visit this site though I'd
like to. Therefore, don't feel I'm ignoring you if it takes a week or two
for me to respond to any postings or private messages.

Thanks for reading this!

Posted: December 14th, 2010, 9:13 pm
by wuxi
I loved Office Space, its one of my favorite movies. I can really relate to the main character, Peter Gibbons.

I used to work for a multi-national corporation that monopolized an entire industry. If a corporation monopolizes an entire industry chances are it didn't get in that position by being nice to its staff or anyone else. Fortunately, I quit before I resorted to violence, but I was thinking about it.

Incidently, all of the women in caucasian countries have princess syndrome really bad, with the exception of possibly Brazil.

Printer Scene

Posted: December 14th, 2010, 11:05 pm
by Winston
Welcome Peter. For a minute there I thought you were the actual actor from that movie. lol

Are you the one that had me post these questions for you? If so, there are many responses in your thread.


It sounds like a lot of your worries are fear based. We are conditioned to live in fear so we will feel weak and easily submit to authority. If you free yourself from that, you'll enjoy life a lot more.

Glad you finally overcame your fears and posted here. That's a start at least :)

Posted: December 14th, 2010, 11:09 pm
by Winston
Peter, for some reason your bold tags aren't working. I've looked at your post in edit mode and can't find the reason why. This is a first. Your bold tags look properly done. I can't see why they aren't working. Very odd. Maybe you are one of those people that produce "fluke occurrences" everywhere you go. lol

Or maybe I missed something. Maybe you can find the problem and fix it. Did you put a double tag somewhere?

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[b]bold tags[/b]

Posted: December 14th, 2010, 11:11 pm
by The_Adventurer
He probably has BB code turned off in his profile preferences.

Posted: December 15th, 2010, 11:15 am
by Winston
Peter, I figured out what happened to your formatting tags. In your post form, you checked the disable buttons for HTML, BBcode, etc. I went ahead and unchecked them for you so that your formatting tags now show. Next time, remember to uncheck those boxes. They should not be checked by default. I don't know how it got that way.

Posted: September 29th, 2011, 11:10 pm
by Winston
I just downloaded and watched Office Space. It was hilarious and shows the dreariness of imprisonment of corporate America. I can't believe they let a movie like that be made.

Posted: October 1st, 2011, 11:33 am
by eurobrat

Posted: October 2nd, 2011, 12:37 am
by Winston
eurobrat wrote:
Winston wrote:I just downloaded and watched Office Space. It was hilarious and shows the dreariness of imprisonment of corporate America. I can't believe they let a movie like that be made.

@ Winston, I can't believe you just watched it for the first time. I love how Jennifer Anniston screws his boss and finds nothing morally wrong with it. America in this movie is still the same, I wish the lifestyle here would change.
If you watch the end of the movie, Jennifer Aniston didn't screw Peter Gibbon's boss. It was a misunderstanding. She screwed someone else with the same last name as him. It was a guy who used to work at his company but moved.

Posted: October 2nd, 2011, 1:33 am
by eurobrat