New US Expatriation Law: $450 fee/fine

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Think Different
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New US Expatriation Law: $450 fee/fine

Post by Think Different »

Just like all the other expat laws, they snuck this one under the radar: ... our-money/

What very interesting is the comment from one reader at the bottom, who comes from the former Soviet Union. They used to levy exit taxes and fines to leave the USSR, and he can't believe the US government is doing to same thing now. Welcome to the USSA, I guess. As I've said before, there is a virtual "Berlin Wall" going up around this country, in order to make it extremely hard and painful to leave, let alone relinquish the US citizenship.

I don't think it's going to get any better, especially once the government starts clamping down harder to squeeze every dollar out of it's "lucky citizens" to pay for the wars, military, pet social projects, etc. The myopic behavior of the US government is astonishing, and will be the ultimate downfall of the country. Thomas Jefferson warned us about this. Too bad they don't teach about him in school anymore.

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Post by Tsar »

I agree that it's also like an invisible Berlin Wall. It's something I have also been saying for quite awhile.

RFID microchips in US passports and currency to allow them to track movements. Drones patrolling the skies. Traffic cameras on the roads. Many cameras on the streets, especially in major cities. Cameras and surveillance in most buildings (especially all the banks, major corporations, gas stations, and hospitals). Every firearm must have an identification number (and they are trying to add a mechanism to actually cause the firearm to mark each bullet fired with an identification number unique to that weapon). Printers that all print secret dots on all printed documents that secret service can read. The government can wiretap, hack, and record your phone, computer, and emails. Every purchase made with a credit card or debit card is traceable. Every financial account contains your social security number allowing them to monitor your finances. Every deposit into a financial account over $9,999.99 must be reported to the government (and some banks voluntarily disclose less) and they have a waiting period before you can use the funds. Structuring deposits so they do not go over the amount in that particular visit is illegal, will result in fines and possible prison time, and the entire account balance will be confiscated (there have been unintentional victims of this law). The TSA in airports and they are slowly being added to highways and train stations. Full body scanners and invasive pat downs. Any person who has drugs or is suspected of possessing drugs can be raided and have property confiscated by police and DEA agents (they can just say that property was purchased drug sale proceeds and take it). They can also take your house and car in the same manner as they took the other property. By using social media, social networking, Facebook, Google Plus, My Yahoo, and Twitter you automatically give consent for the government to spy on you and monitor your actions. Your employer automatically reports your income and is automatically turned into an accomplice to avoid any punishments of noncompliance. People are required to have a license and a license plate for all efficient transportation (car, motorcycle, motor scooter, and moped) and insurance which allows for tracking. The government is trying to outlaw prepaid cellphones or have mandatory ID requirements. All foreign banks must disclose US clients to the IRS. All US persons (citizen and resident) must disclose their foreign accounts and respective bank balances to the IRS. They will be fined and accumulate penalties, in addition to pay the entire account balance to IRS. Doctors and medical providers can refuse to service a person (and are encouraged to refuse service) to any patient that does not have a photo ID. A prison system that houses more prisoners than the countries it labels as tyrannies, dictatorships, and oppressive regimes. Drones that patrol the skies of America and the borders. The drones can kill an American citizenship at the will of the government and especially if the President gives the order. Fines to renounce citizenship. There are municipalities that are now encouraging people to report neighbors who make anti-government statements or say they hate the government.

Does this sound like a despotic totalitarian police state OR a republic that protects freedom and strives to uphold democratic ideals?
Does this sound like a free country? Does it sound like it protects liberty? Is this the leader of the free world? I would say that this is the most oppressive police state in the world. It survives because of the secrecy, the distractions it creates, the propaganda machine, the brainwashes masses, a successful marketing campaign it gives in America, and a successful public relations campaign it gives to the world.

It might be a good country to make money, one of the best countries for the rich, and be a relatively good for place for start-up businesses because of consumerism but nevertheless, it is an undeniable surveillance police state. There will always be people who can be successful in police states but it's very easy to lose everything. Even if you are successful it only reduces your privacy because a police state watches it's most successful people more than it watches deadbeats and unsuccessful people.
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Re: New US Expatriation Law: $450 fee/fine

Post by Teal Lantern »

Think Different wrote:... Thomas Jefferson warned us about this. Too bad they don't teach about him in school anymore.
Sure they do. Just put his name in a search engine along with the word "terrorist". :wink:
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Post by polya »

I can't think of any rational way to avoid paying it because in order to become a citizen of a 2nd country, you usually have to give up being an American first, or they won't grant citizenship. It's really unfair to pay do much money.
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Post by Winston »

This page is not found: ... our-money/

Are you sure you spelled it correctly?
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Post by skateboardstephen »

polya wrote:I can't think of any rational way to avoid paying it because in order to become a citizen of a 2nd country, you usually have to give up being an American first, or they won't grant citizenship. It's really unfair to pay do much money.
Not in Brazil.
se eu soubesse o que eu sei hoje, teria mando mulheres americanas para foder-se há muitos anos.que deus abençoe o brasil!
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