Game Plan

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Game Plan

Post by lostprogrammer »

Hello I'm new to this forum but have been a lurker for the past 6 months.

I'm looking for some advice now from experienced people.

About me, I'm 31, 5'11 blonde blue eyed and location independent with an income that fluctuates between 1500 to 3000USD per month if I stay independent, in the states I can seal about 10k to 20k per month on projects but I always keep the 1500 - 3k per month on several retainers on long term contracts.

I'm looking to move over to Europe as I prefer feminine eastern European women, Although I'm down doing 3 month per year in SEA for fun although it's not my bag in women I love the adrenaline of Asian culture.

I'm trying to figure out a good 3 month per EE country life style that fits my budget at 1500 to 3k per month and I'll spend 3 months a year back in the US. I'm not a major club guy nor care about club life. I'm open to 3 months per year in SEA so I can get the my life is insane fix plus the well needed tan.

Any ideas? I'm looking to go long term

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Re: Game Plan

Post by droid »

Just buy the darn tickets right now!!!!!
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