Is A Foreign Affair a scam?

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Re: Is A Foreign Affair a scam?

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In the early days agencies used to sell ladies direct contact info (email, telephone, postal address) for $10-$15. This would put you in direct contact with your lady. The problem is that agencies were not making any money with this model. A guy could potentially pay them $10-$15, be in direct contact with the lady, get married and the agency would have no further compensation. They had to figure a way to make money. With the development of the internet along came chat, letter exchange, video, etc. Deploying all these services the agency can now make a huge amount of money from the customer without him ever actually meeting the girl. Case in point. Gsjackson is out $53 and has nothing to show for it. He doesn't even know if he was ever in communication with the real girl. Probably some chat operator sitting in a cubicle but more commonly they let these chat operators work from home.

John Adams of AFA is now charging $250 per (presumably real) contact information but there's no guarantee that the real girl is going to be interested in you or have a relationship with you.

The greater question is, Why is Winston accepting money from him?

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Post by Ghost »

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Re: Is A Foreign Affair a scam?

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Voyager1 wrote:The greater question is, Why is Winston accepting money from him?
I think we all know the answer. They appear to be his biggest sponsor and Winston probably isn't exactly getting rich here. Losing that revenue might be a really big hurdle for this site. I've asked him about this AFA stuff here on the forum and there isn't much for him to say. In one post he said he had talked to John Adams on the phone and "he seemed legit". I don't know how you can tell that from a phone call, slick people often "seem legit". But here is the interesting thing to me, they seem to be the biggest sponsor on this site, yet other than the ads they have no other presence here. You would think that John Adams or Bud Patterson or someone from there would post here occasionally and come here to answer some of these questions about them. You would think that Winston would have tried to get them to come here and participate in the forum. The silence, as they say, is deafening.

I guess companies like this basically prey on guys who just don't know any better, and there are a lot of guys here who do know better.
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Re: Is A Foreign Affair a scam?

Post by gsjackson »

I'm hopeful of tracking this girl down to find out if I actually have been in communication with her, but don't open any more emails, including the one that just came. One thing I didn't mention is that these emails -- five of them so far -- all come with 2 photos attached, at a cost to open of $3.99 each. I haven't opened any. I'm wondering though if the agent I'm probably communicating with would have that many photos of all the women in their assigned group. Probably so. It looks like this operation is set up to shake the suckers loose of as much money as possible in a short time before they wise up, and the next one comes along. The agents no doubt have everything they need to create the illusion.
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Re: Is A Foreign Affair a scam?

Post by Voyager1 »

Ghost wrote:It's the same issue with English schools in many countries. The students pay to learn English at the schools, but it's bad for business if the students learn English because then they don't need to pay for classes anymore.

This is the biggest reason to be wary of anyone selling a service, especially one that needs to be recurring to be profitable.
Interesting. So the schools teach them very badly so they have to keep paying for English lessons? Many of these agencies don't want you to get married and they dissuade the girls from getting married to a foreigner because then they'll lose a paying customer. Plus that girl will no longer be in their inventory. They don't mind making money from the process but they don't want anyone to get married or even hook up.
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