Poll: Does Winston give a damn about his own forum?

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Poll: Does Winston give a damn about his own forum?

No, he doesn't get rid of trolls or clean up the spam since they make it look more active. Claiming he had to let all trolls back in due to a technicality was just an excuse
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Yes, but he is so hell bent on free speech that prefers to err on the side of freedom.
Does Winston really make a living out of this?
Total votes: 36
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Re: Poll: Does Winston give a damn about his own forum?

Post by xiongmao »

I hope you get out of Angeles City before it consumes you. I was glad I left Bangkok when I did, you can have too much of a good thing.

Roosh is cooked to be honest, he sent his list a whinging email about how he needs money blah blah, what happened to his mantra of not being needy? Honestly I lost all respect for him after that.

You could try the stopforumspam extension on here, also force posts by newly registered users to be moderated. And block India, what value has that country contributed to the forum?

As for the site itself, it could move more mainstream taking in travel, relocation, dating and all the general HA stuff. Rock's neighbours I met were mainstream HA'ers who had decided to become HA themselves instead of living a boring existence in the North of England.

Maybe offer consultancy services and paid downloads to find new ways to monetise the site.
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