Drunk running

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Drunk running

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A friend of mine who is a health nut came up with numerous reasons why going jogging in the evening after drinking is good. I can't remember all of them, as it is very convoluted. We tried it. It does indeed improve your fitness, eliminate hangovers, reduce body fat etc. better than normal running would do. So in a sense he was right. And it is fun. Good stuff.

Unfortunately there seems to be a certain down-side over the long term. For example, after a couple of months of doing this I tripped over a tree root and faceplanted on a concrete surface. I picked myself up and jogged on without missing a beat, but when I got home I noticed that I was sporting various injuries, some of which I am still recovering from. My friend somehow managed to lose his smart-phone that he was listening to the radio on while he was jogging. :?:

So while this seems to be a good idea in theory, except under idealized conditions I cannot really recommend it.
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