List your diets for the fat american chicks here

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List your diets for the fat american chicks here

Post by kristy_571 »

Hey, not all of you can escape the US. So while people here are giving excellent advice on how Western Women should act, why don't you suggest diets to make them look less lardy? Any bit of advice helps. I'll help spread the word.
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Post by Enishi »

Atkins worked for me. Buying more organic food (that which is within one's budget, anyway) is a good idea as well.
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Post by KristineTheStrawberryGirl »

I think it's good practice to avoid overly processed foods, avoid all trans -fats, and keep a food journal. It's also important to be aware of the difference between the way people who are medically overweight lose weight and vanity weight for those who are not *really* overweight medically, but just want to look good in tight clothes.

Those who are overweight usually need to be aware of insulin resistance ad how their bodies react to bleached flour, sugars, high fructose corn syrup and anything sugary (avoid these things). Carbs should be limited, and Atkins principles are very good. The insulin resistance principles are helpful too. A calorie journal is very useful, walking during breaks and lunch very helpful. You can ease into more vigorous workouts as you lose weight.

Vanity weight for the young is usually easy to lose ... For those of us over 30, it is more of a challenge, and often requires more strength training. Sometimes at a healthy weight, our bodies are already at a "plateau" like state, especially over age 30, and it requires more dedicated fitness routines than those who are younger. Carbs aren't as much of an issue for thin people, but just remember that almost no American is thin, so for most Americans carbs MATTER!

My last piece of advice ... if you are a woman and get pregnant, it is important to get the extra nutrition, but be careful ... gaining more than 25 pounds may cause big problems later. Most doctors in the USA are too politically correct to say this (ask a European doctor off duty LOL).
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Post by Master »

There shouldve been more post here. lol.

The list to help them in general would be too long but physical health could be a start.
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