Obesity has NO excuse at all in a tropical climate!

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Re: Obesity has NO excuse at all in a tropical climate!

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We need to move away from car-centric planning and move towards bike-centric planning like the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. A big part of the reason people are so inactive these days is because they drive distances that could be cycled (or even walked!). Something like 60 to 70% of car trips are under 5 miles & something like 40% are under 2! Isn't that shocking? Imagine if those trips were walked or biked, the amount of daily activity the average person would get?

Here's my thoughts on what's causing the obesity epidemic with a brief list of solutions;
https://neverinsilence.wordpress.com/20 ... -epidemic/

Regarding the fat acceptance; funniest thing I heard was that fat is 'normal and representative of the average woman' this argument won't have as much weight (pun deliberate) in countries with lower obesity rates like Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland. Guess what dear feminist, most women DO NOT aspire to be fat! Being overweight shouldn't be normalized! Sure, we shouldn't discriminate and pre-judge people but that doesn't mean we should remove the aspiration to become more attractive like those fat dykes seem to be trying.
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