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lone_yakuza wrote:
abcdavid01 wrote:Before all this, you said you wanted to be a marine. So it's interesting that you could have the perspective of knowing what it's like to want to defend America and now you've come to this. I'm basically someone who respects warrior culture, but that requires honor codes like the samurai. So I see on the American Right dishonorable warriors and on the Left a bunch of sickening pansies. That's why I'm shifting focus to Asia.
No I was in the process of becoming an Air Force officer. It was mainly to "repay" my "debt" as an American citizen, able to enjoy the relatively pollution free environment of Washington state despite all the racism and social ostracization and hatred just because I am a height challenged northeast Asian male. But then I realized I am only helping destroy my ancestors' homelands and make their lives more miserable in the long run by helping the American Empire, which are the old western imperialists in disguise. I should be grateful for the relatively pollution free environment, but America's GMOs are also the cause of my severe allergies and old digestive issues, so those negative affects kind of override that. Also, American society has never been anything but hostile or exclusionary to me, so I feel zero connection to this society and no loyalty.

I used to think Freedom and Democracy and Equality for All and Ending Racism/Racial Hierarchy were slogans and ideals that we were actually striving for. But America is simply a continuation of the British and white supremacist imperialist empires and do not play by those rules nor by those ideals at all.

Also I'd simply be the tool of a bunch of greedy, white supremacist, racist, imperialist, corrupt CEOs and politicians and WASPs. So f**k serving in the US military. What I should be doing is serving in an East Asian nation's military. Just too bad Japan has no military anymore and is occupied. And China would probably think I'm an American spy.

It's funny. America makes people who do have some sense of honor and loyalty enemies. Maybe it's because they and the western imperialists have always been evil and evil usually creates its own enemies.
I have heard there is a lot of hazing of Asians in the U.S. military. There were a couple of guys who were hazed to death. One of them was named Danny Chen, and the other was Harry Lew. Joining the Chinese military is a good idea. However, they are quite strict, unlike the U.S. military that let's any ex-con join, the Chinese military even excludes those with one foreign parent. China is one of the only countries in Asia to be semi-resistant to western imperialism. All the other ones are a lost cause, even communist Vietnam, who is allowing U.S. war ships to dock on its harbors. There's a strong resistance to U.S. militarism in the Philipines, however, the regime is corrupt and does not represent the interests of the masses. In fact, the Filipinos booted the U.S. military out. Now the U.S. military is looking for a way back in by creating territorial disputes. Joining the Japanese military in its current form makes no sense. They are currently on the path to remilitarise, and this can be done very quickly. The U.S. regime has been pushing for Japan to remilitarise for decades, so that Japan can do the dirty work for American imperialism. Zbignew Brezenski would probably say, why attack China directly, when you can get Japan to do it. The Japanese military does nothing to protect its citizens from American imperialism. In fact, the current Japanese regime has screwed over its own country. All of this was planned and orchestrated in advance. One of the things that threatens western imperialism the most is a unified China&Japan. There was a guy named Hatoyama who led Japan a few years ago, and he had visions of an Asian union and wanted U.S. troops out of Japan. He wanted closer relations with China, and he still does. He is somewhat popular in China. The problem is, he was ousted by the Obama regime shortly after he was democratically elected. Instead, the U.S. regime replaced him with a more divisive figure, and if I remember correctly, even he was not divisive enough, that's why they brought in the current extremist Shinzo Abe, to ensure that there would be conflict between China and Japan. If Hatoyama had stayed in office, this conflict would not have occured. Here's where things get interesting. The U.S. regime needed a conflict between China and Japan, not just because conflict weakens any competitors, but it is also economically beneficial towards the west. Remember, not long ago, China, Japan, and Korea signed some sort of agreement where they would bypass the U.S. dollar, and trade in their own currencies. Remember also that Sadam Husein, and Momar Gadafi was overthrown shortly after they declared that they were no longer interested in trading with dollars. The U.S. regime, and their western allies had rent-a-mobs within China ready to go, both on the mainland, and in Taiwan, and Hong Kong as well. All of these rent-a-mobs were out on the streets either destroying Japanese cars, or saying that the disputed islands belonged to China. These same rent-a-mobs are also protesting against the Chinese government on a regular basis, yet suddenly they became patriotic and suddenly asserting Chinese rule over the islands. Not so fast. Here's how you know these rent-a-mobs are not bonafied. The anti-Japanese protests in China resulted like this- Japanese car sales were mostly down 40%. Guess who's car sales went up by about 40%? You guessed it, U.S., and European. Now, instead of buying Japanese stuff, all the materialistic morons in China flock to American, and European products. The moral of this story is, by investing a few million bucks to hire protesters (the U.S. regime has expert experience in engineering riots), the west was able to profit billions, at the expense of the Japanese. Despite this reality, the current Japanese regime is attempting to go even further with the disputes. The U.S. regime has never had the interests of Japan in mind. In fact, quite the opposite. After a decade of spectacular economic performance, the U.S. regime engineered a disaster for the Japanese. In the 1990's, the U.S. regime forced Japan to sign the Plaza Accord that forced Japan to revalue its currency and sent Japan into a recesion that continues til this day. I always say, being a puppet regime will get you nowhere, and it is certainly true in this case. Everywhere in the world I can see that the U.S. regime props up some of the worst leaders in the world, and puts them into power. I first realised this with Libya, then I looked back further in history, and it seemed true each and every time. They took down Gadafi who was popular and did amazing things for his country, and replaced him with a bunch of terorists. The most bizare part of this imperialist disaster is that U.S. regime billed the Libyan people $50 billion for the war that the U.S. and NATO waged on Libya. Under Gadafi, Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa. All the healthcare, education, retirement, welfare, benefits, free housing, are all gone now. And the west is trying to pull the same stunt in Syria now.
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