Are Many Filipinas Like This?

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Re: Are Many Filipinas Like This?

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Taco wrote:The strangest thing for me is just how much they will lust after you, I'm serious. You won't be able to keep up with them in bedroom, they'll literally screw the shit of you.
You got that right. Easiest women in the world, especially if they've already lost their virginity.
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I am talking to a Fila i met on my FB. I have watched for red flags but in the past 3 months, i do not see any. I see the same thing...

1. In the nursing field
2. Sends money home to dad who has no work
3. Has one child
4. Wants to meet an american
5. Seems very loyal and interested in a real relationship

I told her point blank that we take BABY steps and date openly for a LONG time. If things go good in 1yr, i may visit...

She is cute and shy...but time will tell if she is a scammer or far she has not asked me for anything and understands my apprehension due to scammers...
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